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Fang Xiaocheng had already calculated and planned for her future happy little days carefully.

“Okay. Just tell me if you ever need it.” Xu Xiyan smiled and inquired, “Since you’re buying a house, I’m guessing the big day is coming? Have you fixed the day of your wedding?”

“Yeah, I’m already pregnant. It won’t be long, our wedding may take place within the coming two or three months.”

Hearing that her BFF was pregnant, Xu Xiyan stopped in her tracks, her gaze falling onto Fang Xiaocheng’s tummy. Astonished, she said, “Really? You’re already pregnant? You’re going to be a mother?”

Fang Xiaocheng nodded, the happy smile on her face became more intense. “Yeah, I just found out. I’m already 53 days pregnant.”

“That’s great, Orange. I’m really happy for you and Dazhi. After you’ve bought the house, settled down, held the wedding, and given birth to the child, you’ll be able to live happily ever after.”

Xu Xiyan hugged Fang Xiaocheng happily. Her best friend was pregnant and was going to become a mother. She was happier than Fang Xiaocheng, herself.

“I hope so too. Life feels hopeful having a humble abode in Peijing and Dazhi to raise a child together with me. Who knows, maybe I will pick up my former trade and fulfill my dream as a screenwriter.”

“Mmm-hmm, I’m sure you can. Life will definitely get better and better.”

Xu Xiyan took Fang Xiaocheng’s arm and the girls huddled together as they walked into the community happily.

In one afternoon, Xu Xiyan accompanied Fang Xiaocheng to several places. Finally, Fang Xiaocheng had taken a fancy to a south-facing house in Shencheng Community.

She had her eyes on a unit in a mid-rise apartment on the seventh floor. The apartment was equipped with an elevator and it was convenient to move up and down the building. The layout of the apartment unit was decent; it had two bedrooms and one living room and the unit was well lit with natural lighting shining in through the north and south windows.

“I’m most satisfied with this one, but the down payment here is higher than some other places.”

Fang Xiaocheng was hesitant in her decision whether to book this house.

“If you like it, then you should book it. I’ll help pay for the extra costs. It’s not easy to find a house that you really like. I’m sure you’ll feel very comfortable living here.”

Xu Xiyan had always wanted to help Fang Xiaocheng out and there was a chance for her to do so now. Under Xu Xiyan’s encouragement, Fang Xiaocheng called Wang Dazhi and talked to him about the house over the phone. Wang Dazhi passed her the authority to make the decision.

Finally, Fang Xiaocheng booked the house and signed a down payment agreement.

After it was settled, the two girls left the place, chatting as they walked.

Xu Xiyan’s web serial novel came into the conversation. Fang Xiaocheng said, “Your novel has been very popular lately and is number one in the bestselling rankings. I have read it, and it’s

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