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“Okay, that settles it then. And, one more thing: if you were given the opportunity to choose, who do you think would be the best candidates for the lead actors?”

Lu Zeyan pondered deeply, then replied, “I’ve targeted Qi Liya as the female lead. As for the male lead, I wanted the trending celebrity Ma Haodong to take the role, but both are big shot actors and their pay is too high. We can’t afford them.”

So he wanted to hire Ma Haodong and Qi Liya. Xu Xiyan felt this wasn’t really impossible. “Well, let’s settle on that for the time being. Let me ask Ma Haodong about his schedule and I’ll get back to you.”

And so, this is how Xu Xiyan bought over Lu Zeyan’s studio on her own accord and instantly became the boss of the studio.

After the funds were transferred over, the studio officially changed its name to Jinxi Studio. Xu Xiyan requested confidentiality and that they not to disclose her identity to the public for the time being.

After sending Fang Xiaocheng home, Xu Xiyan invited Xiao Yuqian out for dinner. She also took the opportunity to call up Ma Haodong and asked him whether he had time to join them.

Ma Haodong was currently trying to straighten himself up. He refused to attend all activities because he wanted to become a good, scandal-free man.

Regarding Xu Xiyan’s invitation for dinner, he directly rejected her, “Sorry, Jing Xi. At this time I cannot hang out and be in close proximity with you female artists. Can’t let the paparazzi take photos of me and make more scandals about me. I want to keep a low profile and protect my moral integrity for my little Qianqian.”

Oh dear. Looks like unless she was at the film set, it was going to be very difficult to meet up with Ma Haodong.

However, for Xu Xiyan, this wasn’t a problem at all. She chuckled, “Well okay, you stay at home and ‘protect your moral integrity’ then. I’m going to have dinner with Qianqian tonight. After dinner, we are going to party all night at Yongye Entertainment City. I heard there are lots of newly hired hot men at Yongye Entertainment City recently…”

“Hey! I’m warning you, Jing Xi! Don’t you dare corrupt my little Qianqian! Where are you guys now? I’m coming over!”

Even through the speakers of the phone, Xu Xiyan could tell how agitated Ma Haodong was.

After telling him the address of the place they were currently at and then hanging up the call, Xu Xiyan couldn’t help but laugh. She felt that Ma Haodong had completely fallen into Xiao Yuqian’s hands for life.

Ma Haodong sped his way to Shuxiang Pavilion, a restaurant diagonally opposite of Yongye Entertainment City. As he entered the private dining room, he saw Jing Xi, Xiao Yuqian and Wandou dining together.

He took off his sunglasses and his flu mask, then took the liberty of sitting beside Xiao Yuqian directly. She frowned at him. “What are you doing here?”

Ma Haodong had long mastered the divine art of steeling his skin to protect his face. He did not even

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