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Since it was the boss’ wife he had bothered, then Wandou was sorry to say that she was not going to sit idly by. “Miss Jing Xi, tell me, what can I do to help?”

Xu Xiyan loved how clever and thoughtful Wandou was. She said, “Well, you can help by following them and seeing which room they enter. Then after that, I’ll call the police. When the police are here to arrest them, hide somewhere and take some pictures. After taking the photos, we’ll sell them to the media and split the money 50-50.”

Xu Xiyan raised her eyebrows as she explained her plan.

Wandou was at a loss whether to laugh or cry after listening to her plan. She couldn’t help but give her a thumbs up. “Miss Jing Xi, I’m really impressed with this plan of yours!”

Inside, Wandou felt that her boss’ wife was so ruthless!

That scumbag Chu Yuhe should brace himself; they were going to send him to a “nice” place soon.

Wandou followed Chu Yuhe and his woman upstairs. After looking at the room number carefully, she immediately reported back to Jing Xi.

Xu Xiyan calculated the timing, then called the police. “Hello? Is this the police? Someone is soliciting a prostitute here…”

Not long after, a group of police officers in dark uniforms rushed into the hotel. After showing a warrant to the front desk, they asked the hotel staff to take them upstairs to arrest them.

Inside the hotel room, Chu Yuhe and the pretty lady had already taken off their clothes. The two were already frolicking about on the big bed.

When the two were about to reach climax, the door suddenly burst open and a group of policemen barged in, every single one of them looking serious.


“Someone reported that someone is soliciting a prostitute here. Please cooperate with us for inspection!”

Chu Yuhe, who was in the middle of enjoying his love-making, was rudely shocked when the police barked their orders fiercely at them. He immediately became flaccid in an instant.

The pretty woman panicked and pulled up the blanket to cover her body. Chu Yuhe rolled off the bed in his bewilderment and tumbled to the ground.

The police gave them time to put on their underwear. After the two were wearing their underwear, the police ordered them again, “Put your hands behind your head and squat down!”

Their faces were ashen as they put their hands behind their heads and squatted, allowing the police to search them.

After verifying their identifications, the pretty woman was proved to be a sex worker and Chu Yuhe’s crime of soliciting a prostitute was completely confirmed.

“Mr. Chu, you’re suspected of soliciting a prostitute. We have the right to arrest you according to law. Please come with us for interrogation.”

Just like that, Chu Yuhe was handcuffed, and the police took him away along with the prostitute.

Wandou, who was hiding outside the door, had taken photos of the whole thing. She had photos of the scene when the police broke into the room and photos

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