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Chapter 1923: Made The Men Feel Worried To Death

Ning Luoxiao shook her head. “Let’s find somewhere to eat! Both Sanyan and I are hungry!”


Just as Huo Sanyan turned around, when they were about to leave, her tummy suddenly felt a bit uncomfortable.

“Ow!” She held her tummy and stood still.

Ye Xun saw her show an expression of discomfort and asked anxiously, “What is it? Yanyan?”

“Prince Ye, my stomach… It hurts… it’s so painful…”

Huo Sanyan held Ye Xun’s hand and spoke in agony.

“Could it be she is about to give birth?” Ning Luoxiao asked.

“She definitely is! Quickly take her to the hospital!”

They didn’t even care about eating. Ye Xun helped walk Huo Sanyan out. After they got in the car, they drove straight to the hospital.

In order to prevent them from being overwhelmed, Bai Yanchuan and Ning Luoxiao also followed them by car so that they could help.

After they arrived at the hospital, the doctor confirmed that Huo Sanyan really might be able to give birth. She immediately needed to be admitted to the hospital for delivery.

The contractions of Huo Sanyan’s uterus became more and more obvious. The pain also grew stronger and stronger. Tears started to come out when Ye Xun saw his wife in such agony,

Bai Yanchuan advised him while standing beside him, “That’s enough. Why are you crying? A woman giving birth is a necessary life experience. Just wait for the child to be born. What’s the use of crying?”

“It isn’t your wife, so of course you won’t feel heartache!” Ye Xun shouted at him. Bai Yanchuan couldn’t say anything. Fine, just treat him as if he’s shooting his mouth off.

Huo Sanyan was sent to the labor ward not long after. Ye Xun initially wanted to follow her in. However, Huo Sanyan didn’t want him to go in. She didn’t want him to see the sorry state she was in while she gave birth.

Ye Xun waited outside the labor ward while listening to his wife’s heartbreaking screams. The tears on his face never had a chance to dry.

Bai Yanchuan initially criticized Ye Xun for crying when he was a man, but now, not even half an hour later, Ning Luoxiao also started to feel uncomfortable.

She held Bai Yanchuan’s tie and then hugged her stomach, shouting, “ow,” in pain.

“Wife! It couldn’t be that you are also going into labor, right?”

Bai Yanchuan suddenly became nervous. He felt helpless and didn’t know what to do.

“I don’t know… but it hurts so much…” Ning Luoxiao’s uterus also started to contract. She was in so much pain she held onto Bai Yanchuan and didn’t let go.

Ye Xun turned around and saw Bai Yanchuan spacing out. He said, “Your wife might be giving birth soon so what are you standing there for? Quickly go and find a doctor!”

It was only after Ye Xun’s reminder that Bai Yanchuan regained his senses. He quickly brought Ning Luoxiao to see a doctor.

After the doctor examined her, he confirmed that Ning Luoxiao was about to give birth. He imme

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