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Chapter 1922: Happy Life

Jing Xi prepared lunch herself, and the couple ate before going back.

When they got home, the servant told them that they had finally received the wedding photos.

Ye Xun opened the box, and in it was the completed photo.

“You’re so pretty,” Ye Xun exclaimed as he stared at it.

Huo Sanyan looked at herself and scolded, “Isn’t this too much photoshop? Since when do I have a round face?”

Ye Xun looked at the photo then at Huo Sanyan and said, “You had a round face from the beginning, though…”

“Are you saying I’m fat now?”

“I didn’t say that!”

“But that’s what you’re implying! I see! So that’s why you’ve been making food for me every day. You want me to become fat so that no one will lay their eyes on me, right?”


Ye Xun was speechless.

He couldn’t believe that just by agreeing with Huo Sanyan having a round face it could spark such a conversation.

To stop the woman in front of him from overthinking things, Ye Xun sealed her lips with his.

Such was their daily happy life after marriage.

No matter what Huo Sanyan wanted, even down to wanting a particular food in the middle of the night, Ye Xun would comply.

In his world, his wife was everything. She was his queen.

Time flew, and Huo Sanyan’s due date was near. She left all her work for her staff and stayed at home.

Ye Xun became even busy after that. He spent all his energy on preparing for the babies to be born.

Everything was already well-prepared at Ye Manor before the babies were even born. From a playground to all the baby products, Ye Xun had everything prepared.

He would even empty his timetable to take classes on becoming a father with Bai Yanchuan. Both of them were very focused on welcoming their babies.

When the men were in their class, their wives were shopping in the nearby mall.

“Look, I already have stretch marks now… How about you?” Huo Sanyan asked.

“Nope, I don’t have them. My belly isn’t stretched as wide as yours.” Ning Luoxiao shook her head.

“I’m jealous… They are like caterpillars on my body. It’s creepy.”

Huo Sanyan was deeply worried that the marks would stay on her permanently.

“it’s normal since you have two babies in you. But don’t worry. I have a friend who’s a beauty blogger, and she has just the product for that. I’ll bring some for you after the babies are born.”

“Thank you! Oh! Look at the time. Their class should be finished by now. Let’s go get them.”


The two pregnant women arrived where their husbands were. The two men had already finished their class and were waiting for their wives.

“They’re here!” Ye Xun said and ran up to help Huo Sanyan carry her stuff.

“Here, let me carry that. You must be tired,” Bai Yanchuan said as he took Ning Luoxiao’s bag from her too.

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