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Chapter 1921: Little Fellas Finally Stopped

“We will be soon.”

Bai Yanchuan did as he said and drove to Mo City’s marriage registry department straight away and brought her to register.

Ning Luoxiao was dumbfounded through the entire process. She still felt like it wasn’t real, even after she received the marriage certificate. She kept thinking Bai Yanchuan was doing it to deal with his parents. That’s why he came to register.

No matter his intention, she just did as he wanted.

The two of them returned to Above The Waves and Ning Luoxiao was shocked once again. The entire villa was decorated beautifully, from the garden to the house.

The entire place had been cheerless when they were newlyweds, but now, it actually felt like they were about to get married.

Ning Luoxiao saw roses arranged into a huge heart symbol in the garden and she looked at Bai Yanchuan with a complicated facial expression.

Right now, Bai Yanchuan asked her to stand inside the heart. He then knelt down on one knee and took out a box.

He opened the box’s lid and inside was a beautiful ring.

“Xiaoxiao, I’m sorry! I’ve been treating you coldly ever since we got married. Right now, I already know I was wrong. I beg you to give me another chance. Let me take care of you and our baby forever. Let’s be a happy family, okay? Xiaoxiao, will you please marry me?”

His tone was sincere and it didn’t sound like he was lying. Ning Luoxiao was extremely touched. She had been waiting for this day for a long long time.

It had been a whole ten years.

Bai Yanchuan had finally asked her to marry him!

“Do I even have a chance to say no?” Ning Luoxiao sighed. “But, President Bai, I want to ask you, why did you suddenly have a sudden 180-degree change?”

“That is because of you. I’ve finally found you, my Little Guo’er.”

Ning Luoxiao: “…”

She could not describe her shock. He finally called her by her nickname. He finally knew who she was. He finally found her.

Ning Luoxiao was so moved that tears kept coming out nonstop. Bai Yanchuan got up and pulled her into his embrace straight away. “I’m sorry, Little Guo’er. I am ten years late. However, throughout so many years, I have never forgotten you. Thank you for always quietly being by my side…”

“Brother Xiao Chuan…”

Their childhood promise finally came true.

Underneath the blue skies and white clouds, the two of their hearts touched each other for the first time.

On this side, the two of them finally were together. On the other side, Ye Xun and Huo Sanyan went to the palace together. They went to tell the good news about the pregnancy to Jing Xi and the others.

When Jing Xi and the little fellas found out Huo Sanyan was pregnant with twins, they were all very happy.

“Aunt Sanyan, you suddenly have two babies. Just like me and brother Niuniu. Mom had us together.”

Little Grape said it very seriously.

“Correct, that is the case.” Huo Sanyan touched t

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