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Chapter 1920: Not Officially Married Yet

“That’s more like it,” Huo Sanyan said.

She’d decided to give Bai Yanchuan more time and move according to his actions.

Ning Luoxiao came out from the care room and realized everyone else was standing at the door.

“Are you done too?” Ning Luoxiao asked.

“Yep!” Huo Sanyan replied and showed Ning Luoxiao her report. “Look at this! I got twins!”

“Really? That’s great news! You guys are so lucky!”

“You aren’t doing that bad yourself. You are pregnant, and you also found the baby’s father again.” Huo Sanyan smiled and looked at Bai Yanchuan.

Bai Yanchuan looked at Ning Luoxiao and her looking back at him. They weren’t as excited as Ye Xun or Huo Sanyan was.

“Here’s your report,” Bai Yanchuan said while waving the report in his hand.

Ning Luoxiao walked up to Bai Yanchuan and took the report from him.

After making sure everything was fine, she said, “All right, let’s go then.”

“Okay. Get some rest. We’ll get some food next time.” Huo Sanyan nodded.


Huo Sanyan and Ye Xun left first, leaving Ning Luoxiao and Bai Yanchuan at the hospital.

“Thank you.” Ning Luoxiao said to Bai Yanchuan. “I’ll be going now.”

She then turned but was immediately pulled back by Bai Yanchuan.

“What?” Ning Luoxiao expressed her surprise.

“I’ll drive you back.”

“It’s fine.” Ning Luoxiao shook her head. “I drove my own car here.”

Ning Luoxiao pulled her hand back. She got into her car and drove off.

Bai Yanchuan wasn’t going to give up just yet. He also started his car and followed Ning Luoxiao.

Ning Luoxiao didn’t realize Bai Yanchuan was following her until a few minutes later. She frowned, as she couldn’t understand why Bai Yanchuan was different than his usual self that day.

Whenever she wanted to meet him in the past, she would have to ask his secretary to pass him a message first. And yet, he came to the hospital that day and even offered to drive her home.

She was confused.

Just as Ning Luoxiao was thinking about all the possibilities of Bai Yanchuan’s abnormal behavior, she heard a soft explosion. The sound shocked her, and she quickly stopped her car on the shoulder.

She got out to check and realized her tire was punctured.

Ning Luoxiao sighed and took her phone out, ready to call the repair company to come and help her.

But before she could do so, Bai Yanchuan stopped his car behind her and got out.

Realizing that her tire was punctured, Bai Yanchuan pulled Ning Luoxiao away and shoved her into his car before driving away.

“Wait! My car!”

“I’ll call someone to take care of it.”

Bai Yanchuan did not stop and continued driving.

“What’s wrong with you today?” Ning Luoxiao finally asked. “I thought you made it clear that we would be living our own lives after the wedding?”

“Did I? Then let me make a correction. I’m going to stay with you from now on, as husband and wife.”

“But… We aren’t

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