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Chapter 1915: So Awkward That She Was Unable To Show Her Face

“Nice to meet you, President Huo. I’ve been looking forward to meeting you for a long time.” Lucy was very surprised to see her. She got up and went to shake hands with her.

However, while they were shaking hands, Huo Sanyan intentionally squeezed down harder, her gaze revealing a warning. “Does Miss Lucy know President Bai is already a married man?”

Lucy looked obviously shocked and glanced at Bai Yanchuan.

Bai Yanchuan wasn’t wearing a ring on his finger. The news of his marriage wasn’t announced to the public so nobody outside of their circle knew he was married.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know…”

Lucy did indeed have feelings for Bai Yanchuan and wanted to try developing it further. However, now that she heard he was already married, she immediately showed a very awkward expression on her face.

Huo Sanyan didn’t let go of her. She said, “It’s fine if you didn’t know since it’s not too late to know now. Our President Bai has always kept a low-profile. He doesn’t wear his wedding ring when he goes out and didn’t announce his marriage to the public. That’s why it is normal for people to not know he is married. Plus, our President Bai is handsome; it was inevitable that some flirtatious slut would eagerly throw themselves at him.”

Lucy felt extremely upset at being compared to a flirtatious slut. However, she couldn’t really say anything. After all, Huo Sanyan didn’t say who she was referring to.

After that, in order to make Lucy give up, Huo Sanyan intentionally asked Bai Yanchuan, “Yanchuan, tomorrow is your wife’s prenatal examination, don’t you remember?”

“?” Bai Yanchuan was completely unaware there was a prenatal examination.

When Lucy heard Bai Yanchuan’s wife was going for a prenatal examination, she felt so awkward that she was unable to show her face. Bai Yanchuan was already about to become a father but she still had an unrealistic fantasy about him, how laughable.

Listening up until this point, Lucy stood up and picked up her purse. She said, “I’m sorry, President Bai, I have something I need to do so I’ll take my leave now. We can talk about work some other time!”

After Lucy said her goodbyes, she ran away embarrassed. Huo Sanyan smirked when she saw her dejected back.

Bai Yanchuan said while looking innocent, “Miss, do you know you have disturbed my business by appearing suddenly like this?”

“Business? Bai Yanchuan, are you blind? Can’t you tell that woman likes you?” Huo Sanyan asked.

“I already noticed it long ago but this is how business works. The partnership can only work when both sides are happy,” Bai Yanchuan said it as a matter of fact.

Huo Sanyan never would’ve imagined he would say something like this and she couldn’t help but give him a slap.


Bai Yanchuan was completely stunned by her slap. “Huo Sanyan, why did you hit me?”

Huo Sanyan said angrily, “Bai Yanchuan, is today the firs

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