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Chapter 1919: Find A Stepdad

“Aren’t you going for the prenatal examination? Come quickly! I will go with you, Xiaoxiao!”

Bai Yanchuan took Ning Luoxiao back into his embrace and hugged her. Moreover, he shouted at Ye Xun, “Hey, Mister Ye, quickly look after your wife and stop trying to give my wife ideas! I won’t agree to a breakup!”

“…” Ning Luoxiao was so shocked that she already didn’t know how to describe what she was feeling. For a while, she just stared at Bai Yanchuan while dumbfounded. She couldn’t believe it at all. Why was this guy behaving so strangely today?

After this, although Huo Sanyan was upset with Bai Yanchuan, he still shamelessly accompanied Ning Luoxiao all the while.

This was the first time both women had ultrasonographies. After the results came out, both of the men immediately looked at the reports.

Bai Yanchuan saw words like “early pregnancy” and “singleton pregnancy” on the ultrasonography report. Seeing this gave his heart great joy.

Mysteriously and inexorably, he actually ended up having a child with Little Guo’er.

If it weren’t for that slap from Huo Sanyan that woke him up, he might’ve never had wanted to go find out who Ning Luoxiao was.

It might’ve ended up worse than just him simply never finding her in this life!

Bai Yanchuan’s heart was filled with joy. Luckily, he didn’t find this out too late. There was still time for everything!

Next to him, when Ye Xun saw the contents of the ultrasonography report, he jumped up from his surprise. “Two! Two, two, two…”

“What two?” Bai Yanchuan turned to look. It turned out that Huo Sanyan’s examination discovered she had two babies, which were twins.

“Wow! They are twins!” Bai Yanchuan shouted out in surprise. He said jealousy, “Ye Xun, you are so lucky to have two children right away! My wife only has one. But it is okay, we can still have another one in the future.”

Once Huo Sanyan came out, Ye Xun immediately rushed over and picked her up. “Wife…”

Huo Sanyan was extremely embarrassed. “Hey! Put me down! There are many people looking!”

It was only after Ye Xun twirled around a couple of times that he put Huo Sanyan down. He said, unbelievably joyfully, “Wife, you are so good! Really too awesome!”

“What’s awesome? Have you seen the report? What does it say?”

“Take a look yourself!”

It was only after Huo Sanyan read the report that she realized she was pregnant with twins. She was so happy she immediately held Ye Xun. “Husband… we have two…”

“Yes, yes. Two, two…”

The husband and wife were unbelievably happy and they hugged each other for a long time before letting go.

Besides being joyous, she didn’t forget to ask Bai Yanchuan, “Has Xiaoxiao come out? Has her report come out?”

“It came out! Our baby is very healthy!”

Bai Yanchuan handed the report to Huo Sanyan. After she looked through it, she threatened him intentionally, “Yanchuan! Are you really planning on becoming a da

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