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Chapter 1916: Did Well

Huo Sanyan finished saying what she wanted to say and turned to leave.

That was how Huo Sanyan had always been. Her temper was something that a person wouldn’t want to cross paths with.

She was also protective of her friend, so much so that she could stab herself for them.

Bai Yanchuan’s mind was in chaos as Huo Sanyan left.

He was thinking of Huo Sanyan’s words, about how Ning Luoxiao had a crush on him for 10 years.

The part about the charity house was confusing too.

“Come on, chill.” Ye Xun smiled as he grabbed Huo Sanyan’s shoulder. “Don’t get so angry over other people’s stuff. Think about the baby in your belly.”

Ye Xun had seen everything that happened in the club and felt that his wife did the right thing.

Bai Yanchuan was a bastard enough to warrant the slap.

He was Ning Luoxiao’s husband and was a soon to be father, and yet he was flirting with another woman.

“I’m not angry… I just feel bad for forcing the marriage onto them… I should’ve never done that…”

Huo Sanyan was expecting Bai Yanchuan and Ning Luoxiao to try to get to know each other slowly after the marriage.

But she never expected that Bai Yanchuan would try and avoid his wife.

“You shouldn’t blame yourself. Xiaoxiao made her own choices,” Ye Xun said, comforting her.

Huo Sanyan’s words still rang in Bai Yanchuan’s head after he returned to his company.

The only thing he could remember about Ning Luoxiao from ten years ago was an interview he did for her in Estan.

They never contacted each other ever since until recently.

He wondered why Ning Luoxiao never came to look for him or try and get close to him if she had a crush on him.

It finally piqued Bai Yanchuan’s interest.

He opened his computer and searched for Ning Luoxiao. She was a celebrity, and there should be a lot of information on her online.

Yet what he found was some simple information. Like where she was from, what her age was. The earliest information about her job was her first time hosting a live-stream.

Bai Yanchuan knew that the lack of information was probably because the Ning family was trying to protect her since they were a well-known family in Estan.

When he scrolled down, he noticed Ning Luoxiao was very active in donating to charity centers. There were a few news stories about her charity work for the Sunshine Charity Center in Estan.

Bai Yanchuan’s heart tightened the moment he saw the charity center’s name.

He recalled his life at the charity center when he was still a kid. There was a girl that was with him, Little Guo’er.

When he was adopted by the Li family, he told Little Guo’er that he would come back for her. But when he returned as an adult, she was nowhere to be found.

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