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Chapter 1928: Nothing For Her To Do

“Home is the best!” Huo Sanyan lay on her bed and sighed happily.

“No, a home with you and the kids is the best.” Ye Xun smiled.

The couple looked at each other, and Ye Xun pressed his head forward, wanting to kiss his wife. But before their lips could touch, the baby boy started crying.

Ye Xun quickly jumped off the bed to calm his son down. When he returned to the bed to kiss his wife again, their daughter started crying next.

Ye Xun was going nuts as he wondered if the kids were just there to spoil his mood.

He finally managed to get the babies to sleep. Yet, before he could do anything, one of the maids knocked and told them their guests had arrived.

“Wait here, I’ll go see who’s here,” Ye Xun said and kissed his wife briefly before running downstairs.

Jing Xi and Huo Yunshen had brought their children to visit since they were bugging their parents to bring them to see the babies.

“Xiao Xi! Boss! You guys are here!” Ye Xun greeted them and opened his arms to hug the twins.

Little Grape and Little Apple knew that Ye Xun had a prosthetic arm and stopped asking him to throw them in the air. Instead, they hugged his legs.

“Uncle Treeleaf, where are the babies?”

“Come on, I’ll bring you to go see them.”

Ye Xun held the twins’ hands and went upstairs with Ying Bao following behind.

“They are so small!” Little Grape exclaimed when he finally laid his eyes on the newborns.

“I bet they will be adorable when they grow up!” Little Apple said. “I’m going to share my toys with them when they do!”

“I can share mine with them too!” Little Grape added, not wanting to lose to his brother.

Ying Bao ignored her brothers discussing what to play with the babies in the future and focused her eyes on the two little humans on the bed.

She felt special. She never thought that she would have siblings nor cousins.

Jing Xi and Huo Yunshen also came up. They took a look at the babies before visiting Huo Sanyan in her room.

Huo Sanyan was getting better by the day. She could walk on her own now and take care of the babies. But since Ye Xun and the maids almost took all of her jobs away, there wasn’t much that she had to do.

“Look at you now.” Jing Xi smiled. “You finally got what you wanted in the end. Only a happy life awaits you now.”

“Thank you. Having a son and a daughter is more that I could ever ask for.”

It would almost be impossible for Huo Sanyan to get pregnant again because of her age. Having two babies at once was a blessing to her and Ye Xun.

Jing Xi and her family then stayed at Ye Manor for lunch.

The kids then played in the playground Ye Xun had prepared for his children. Since his kids were still babies, Ye Xun didn’t mind letting his nephews and nieces try the playground out first.

They stayed until it was almost dinner time and went back to the palace.

From finding that Huo Sanyan was pregnant until she

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