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Chapter 1927: A Bias Against Wet Nurses Because Of That Situation

When Jing Xi heard him, she immediately objected, “Actually, there is nothing wrong with drinking powdered milk. There is no guarantee using a wet nurse would turn out good. Back then, we hired the wet nurse, Yao Zheng. You guys probably knew what she turned into later. After Little Grape drank her milk, she really thought she was the mother.”

Jing Xi always had a bias against wet nurses because of that situation with Yao Zheng.

When she gave birth to Little Strawberry, she had already prepared in her heart to let Little Strawberry drink powdered milk if she couldn’t produce any milk. She would not look for a wet nurse again.

Ye Xun and Huo Sanyan already heard about the situation with Yao Zheng. Huo Sanyan looked at it from a woman’s perspective and could understand Jing Xi very well.

That’s why, in order to prevent something like this from happening to their family, the best way was to not look for a wet nurse.

After this was decided, Huo Sanyan asked about Ning Luoxiao’s condition.

“They might be discharged from the hospital tomorrow. Xiaoxiao had a natural birth so she doesn’t need to keep on staying at the hospital,” Ye Xun explained.

Just as they were talking about them, Ning Luoxiao and Bai Yanchuan came through the door. Ning Luoxiao came in while wearing a patient’s gown and Bai Yanchuan was carrying his child.

Huo Sanyan saw them walk in and greeted, “You came just at the right time. We were just thinking about going over to see your baby!”

“We came and brought him to you to take a look.”

Ning Luoxiao took the child over and brought him over to let Huo Sanyan take a look.

“Wow, what a healthy little handsome man!” Huo Sanyan looked at their child and he looked similar to their older child.

“Your son is also the same. Just one look at him and one can tell he is a handsome little fella. When he grows up, he will definitely be popular with the ladies.” Ning Luoxiao looked at Da Bao.

She was suddenly said emotionally, “Sanyan, we both found out we were pregnant on the same day and we both went into labor on the same day as well. We even both gave birth to sons. Isn’t this really such a big coincidence?”

Huo Sanyan nodded. “Yeah, it really is a big coincidence.”

The two men’s eyes met and they both lowered their heads in embarrassment. Both of them knew very well that if they hadn’t gotten drunk that night and walked into the wrong rooms, perhaps they wouldn’t be where they were right now.

Ning Luoxiao finished looking at Da Bao and then looked at Xiao Bao. “Oh my, your Xiao Bao is really too cute! Let her become my son’s wife when she grows up! They were born in the same year, same month, and same day. This is simply just fate!”

“Go and ask Ye Xun. If he agrees, I won’t oppose,” Huo Sanyan said with a smile.

Ye Xun quickly snatched his daughter back and said, cherishing her, “I only have this one da

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