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Chapter 1926: Worth It

While Huo Sanyan was still in the hospital, Jing Xi would help take care of the babies as Ye Xun took care of his wife.

Huo Yunshen would also visit every day as soon as he finished his work.

Learning the pain that his sister had to go through hurt him a lot.

Luckily, Huo Sanyan and the babies were fine.

Huo Yunshen also relayed the news to his two other sisters, and they would visit two days later.

Huo Sanyan had woken up, and she was feeling better. The pain on the wound had also subsided.

“How are you feeling?” Ye Xun asked as he held Huo Sanyan’s hand.


Huo Sanyan didn’t get enough sleep in the past few days. She also had not had the chance to hold her babies yet.

Now that she was feeling better, she wanted to meet her children.

“Where are the babies?”

“The nurse took them to shower. Xiao Xi’s with them too. They should be back soon.”

As soon as Ye Xun finished his sentence, Jing Xi and the nurse came in with the babies.

“You’re up? Are you feeling better?” Jing Xi asked when she saw Huo Sanyan was already sitting by the bed.

“Yep! Let me see my babies!” Huo Sanyan exclaimed

Jing Xi handed Huo Sanyan the boy and told her, “This is the big brother.”

Huo Sanyan looked at her son. She could see both Ye Xun and her facial features on the little baby.

The more she looked, the more she loved him. She still could not believe that the baby she was holding was hers.

“Do you know your mother almost lost her life giving birth to you and your sister?” Jing Xi asked the little baby.

The baby boy looked at Huo Sanyan and stuck his tongue out as if he was telling his mother he knew.

His actions melted Huo Sanyan’s heart.

She was regretting her decision when she felt the tearing pain in her stomach. But when she saw her cute babies, she thought that it was worth all those hardships she went through.

Ye Xun then handed Huo Sanyan their daughter. Looking at the baby girl, Huo Sanyan knew how hard it was to give birth to her.

She was lucky that the doctor decided to perform a C-section on her, or else the little girl would’ve suffocated in her belly.

The little girl was smaller in size than her brother, probably because her brother had stolen all the nutrients from her. That was why she was weaker than him.

Knowing that she almost lost her daughter, tears rolled down Huo Sanyan’s cheek.

“Hey… Don’t cry. She’s fine now, isn’t she?” Ye Xun comforted, knowing why Huo Sanyan was crying. “She’ll definitely grow up healthily.”

Huo Sanyan nodded and said, “Too bad I can’t feed them with my breast milk…”

Because of the pain from the C-section, Huo Sanyan wasn’t able to produce any breast milk.

“It’s fine, we can always use milk powder. Look at me, I also drank milk powder when I was a baby, I grew up pretty good, didn’t I?” Ye Xun smiled. “Plus, we could always find a wet nurse, right?”

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