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Chapter 1924: Softened

“Yes! I can hear their cries!” Ye Xun exclaimed.

“That’s a good sign. Congratulations!”

Jing Xi smiled and waited with them.

One of the nurses came out a few minutes later with a baby in her arms and asked, “Which one of you is Ms. Huo’s husband?”

“Me! Me! I’m her husband!” Ye Xun raised his arm.

“Congratulations. Your wife gave birth to one boy and one girl. This is the brother. Please wait while we deliver the sister.”

The nurse then handed the baby to Ye Xun, whose face was already covered with tears.

When he first hugged his baby, it was a different feeling from when he hugged Ying Bao. Back then, it was full of surprise, but now, he was happy.

Because he knew the baby in his arm was his own. The baby was the product of his and Huo Sanyan’s love.

Bai Yanchuan also got a look at Ye Xun’s newborn. His heart softened the moment he saw the baby.

He was happy for Ye Xun, and he was also excited to meet his baby too.

“Oh my god! He’s so cute! Can I hug him?”

Ye Xun handed his son to Jing Xi, and she couldn’t stop exclaiming how cute he was.

The nurse came out with another baby a few minutes later. Ye Xun thought it was his daughter, but he was wrong. The child in the nurse’s arms was Bai Yanchuan’s.

“Hey! It’s your turn,” Ye Xun said as he patted Bai Yanchuan’s back.

Bai Yanchuan walked forward and looked at the baby.

“Congratulations. Your wife gave birth to a healthy boy.” The nurse smiled.

“I… I have a son now!”

Bai Yanchuan was so excited that his hands were shaking.

“Can you hold the baby?” the nurse asked worriedly.

Bai Yanchuan took a deep breath and shook his arms before nodding. “Yes. Can I have him?”

Bai Yanchuan took his son over and looked at him while his heart fluttered. He then compared his son with Ye Xun’s and frowned.

“Why do they look almost the same?”

“That’s normal,” Jing Xi laughed. “You’ll have to wait a few days before you can really spot the difference. Congratulations on becoming fathers.”

Another 20 minutes passed after that, and Ye Xun’s daughter still hadn’t come out.

“Why is it taking so long?”

“Don’t worry. It’s normal since they’re twins,” Jing Xi explained.

The truth was that Huo Sanyan was already in the advanced maternal age. Yet, she still insisted on giving birth to her babies naturally, which required a lot of courage.

She used almost all of her energy on the first baby and had no power left to push the second baby out.

“We will have to do a C-section delivery!” the doctor finally announced.

The doctor was worried that the baby might risk being suffocated if left in Huo Sanyan’s belly for too long and made that decision.

The only problem was that Huo Sanyan had high resistance towards anesthetic, which meant the drug would not work on her.

Throughout the whole process, Huo Sanyan had to endure the pain while the doctor opened her up.

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