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When Tang Shixue saw that he had returned to full health, her heart—which she had been hiding from him—began to stir again foolishly.

She loved him like she always had before. For so many years, she hadn’t found anyone else except him.

It was just like Huo Yunshen’s mother had told her before: Huo Yunshen needed a woman who was considerate and caring towards him, and she happened to be very suitable for him.

Back then, when she had returned to Zstan for the Olympics, she felt Huo Yunshen’s attitude towards her was friendlier than she’d expected and she was moved. At least, he still cared about her, right?

“That’s great, Yunshen. I’m really happy for you.”

Tang Shixue noticed the grocery bags he was carrying. “I didn’t know that you lived here until I asked your mother. Do you usually not return and live at the Huo family house?” she asked.

“Well, I still go back there sometimes.”

“Can I come into your house and look around?” Tang Shixue asked. She always knew that Huo Yunshen was a very solitary person and that he preferred to live alone.

She took advantage of her brother’s close relationship with him to become the only woman who could step into his territory. She was very proud of this privilege.

“Sure, welcome,” Huo Yunshen said simply as he invited Tang Shixue to enter the house.

It was true that he did not like others to come into his house, but this was Tang Shixue, the sister of his good bro, Tang Shiguang. He could not refuse her.

He had never given much thought to it. He had always regarded Tang Shixue like his own sister. Back when Tang Shiguang had taken a bullet for him and lost his life, he had requested that he take care of his sister. He was obliged to fulfill his wish and do his best to take care of her.

Seeing that her man had welcomed another woman into his house, Xu Xiyan could no longer keep herself calm and quickly followed them.

Huo Yunshen opened the apartment door. The first thing to do before entering someone’s house is to leave your shoes outside and change into indoor shoes. When Tang Shixue was looking to change into indoor shoes, she noticed a pair of very cute rabbit slippers on the ground. They were slippers for women.

As her first reaction, she thought: Huo Yunshen has a woman?

But his mother had not said anything about Huo Yunshen having a woman by his side. By default, she had wondered, if Huo Yunshen was wheelchair bound for many years, who would be willing to become his woman?

On second thought, maybe Huo Yunshen had bought it for her in advance. He knew that she had returned to Zstan, so he had probably prepared the slippers for her first.

Huo Yunshen bent down to pick up the rabbit slippers. She thought that he was picking them up for her. Unfortunately, he placed the rabbit slippers on the shoe rack and gave her a pair of disposable ones.

The rabbit slippers… were not for her?

Could it be… Huo Yunshen has a woman of his own for real

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