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“Don’t bother me, I’m typing.”

Xu Xiyan shrugged her shoulders and nudged him away.

“Don’t type anymore, come hit me if it makes you happy. I swear not to hit or scold you back. If you’re still unsatisfied, you can punish me by kneeling on the keyboard—or even on a durian.”

Huo Yunshen spun her around so she would face him. He lifted her chin up with his fingers and looked into her eyes.

“Why, you seemed to be quite happy out there. You even had a beautiful woman to keep you company,” Xu Xiyan said, voice heavy with irony. In fact, she was not very angry. It was just that she was feeling a little bitter inside.

“Are you jealous?”

He raised the corner of his lips slightly as his deep and charming eyes smiled at her.

Xu Xiyan lifted her delicate little chin at him. “Who said that I’m jealous?”

It was clear that she was jealous but she was too stubborn to admit it.

Huo Yunshen smiled as he explained, “I wasn’t the only one with Tang Shixue tonight. Mu Chenguang and the others were there too.”

Oh, so the two of them weren’t together alone. That’s good then.

Xu Xiyan felt the weight in her heart lifting and a sweet smile re-appeared on her face.

“Dear, you’re not angry anymore, right? Then… can I now do whatever I want?”

Huo Yunshen grabbed her at her slender waist, then lowered his head to unknot the bow on the placket of her blouse with his teeth.

“Hey-hey-hey, you can’t…”

The man started his siege. Xu Xiyan panicked and tried to push him away, but it was too late.

“Too late!”

He picked her up, pressed her against the wall and raised her hands over her head as he kissed her passionately…

Xu Xiyan had a pleasant night. The next day, Xu Xiyan had to spend the whole day at the studio for her shoot. She was in a good mood.

After she was done with her shoot in the afternoon, Xu Xiyan left the set. She accidentally met Tang Shixue at the film and television studio grounds.

Tang Shixue said that she had come to the film and television studio grounds for a visit. “Jing Xi, are you busy now? Let’s have a cup of coffee together. I happen to have something to ask you about,” she asked, smiling lightly at her.


Xu Xiyan did not sense any rivalry from Tang Shixue. She felt that, as long as Tang Shixue did not compete with her for Huo Yunshen, everything would be fine. Maybe it would be even possible to become friends with her in the future.

Unfortunately, Xu Xiyan didn’t know the truth. Tang Shixue had hidden her intentions very well.

The two women went to a cafe near their company. They ordered coffee and then sat down for a chat.

They started their conversation by talking about their lives abroad and locally. Eventually, Huo Yunshen became the subject of their conversation. Indeed, their conversation had become mostly about him and started to expand from there.

“When did you first met him?” asked Tang Shixue.

“I had only met him once five

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