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Xu Xiyan laughed sweetly at his words.

She liked the depressed Huo Yunshen then, but she also liked the confident Huo Yunshen now.

As the dinner was coming to an end, Huo Yunshen snapped his fingers, and the music changed into elegant waltz music.

He got up from his seat, walked to Xu Xiyan and extended his right hand while he bowed slightly.

“May I have a dance with the beautiful and cute Miss Jing?”

He still remembered how Xu Xiyan had danced like a goddess in Vikio Bar while they were in Estan.

The only regret he had was not being able to dance with her. Since he could walk again, he wanted to make up for that.

“It’ll be my pleasure,” Xu Xiyan smiled as she rested her hand on his as her heart beat excitedly.

He slowly pulled Xu Xiyan up and into his arms.

Their bodies were as close as they could be as they danced to the elegant waltz.

The clear moonlight shone on them as they held each other in the quiet night, appreciating each other as they danced.

Maybe it was because of the dance, or maybe because of their affection, but as Huo Yunshen smelt the faint aroma from Xu Xiyan’s hair, his heart started to beat faster.

He lowered his head and kissed her like he was drunk.

He could still taste the faint sweetness from the red wine on Xu Xiyan’s lip, and it made Huo Yunshen’s every cell tingle.

Xu Xiyan began to shake from the kiss as parts of her body that his hands had gone through burned.

Huo Yunshen pinned her against the wall as the kisses intensified.

“Jing Xi, I want you…” Huo Yunshen whispered beside her ear.

With his actions becoming bolder, she couldn’t reply.

She laced her fingers with his and allowed him to do whatever he wanted.

Only the two of them remained at the Qingyun Residence as they became one under the moonlight in the garden.

They moved places a couple of times, going to every corner of the house, whether it be the hallway or the living room, leaving traces of their love.

It was only when the sun rose that they returned to the bedroom and slept in each other’s arms.

Xu Xiyan slept with a smile on her face, a smile of happiness.

Only from Huo Yunshen was she able to taste that happiness.

The time with Huo Yunshen would always be the best.

The best feeling is to be able to sleep in the arms of the people you love and wake up there

To be more precise, Xu Xiyan was awoken by Huo Yunshen’s kisses. She could feel a slight tingle on her body, and it woke her up. As she opened her eyes, Huo Yunshen was planting hickies on her chest.

“Hey! Hey! Hey! Hubby! What are you doing?” Xu Xiyan scolded as she stopped him just in time. “I have a shooting for ROSUE today, someone might see it!”

“Who dares to look at you? I’ll gouge their eyes out!” Huo Yunshen said as he continued what he was doing.

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