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Xue Yating stood up and said, “Uncle, are you done? Do you have some time now? I have something to ask you.”

“What’s that?” An Xianming asked without changing his expression.

“How did I leave Huayue Hotel that night?”

An Xianming could feel his heart beating a little fast as he recalled the night where Xue Yating clung onto him.

He regretted what he did that night after the news of what Yang Qiong and Yang Biao had surfaced.

He was afraid of what the public would say if they were found out.

He wouldn’t mind being scolded by the people, but he did not want to hurt Xue Yating one bit.

He pressed his finger against his temple and said, “You left there on your own, don’t you remember?”

“On my own?”

“Yup,” An Xianming nodded. “I have to get back to work, we’ll talk later.”

An Xianming patted her shoulder and left.

“Hey, wait…”

Xue Yating stood still as question marks filled her head. No matter how hard she tried to recall, she couldn’t remember how she’d left the hotel.

She’d woken up the next day in a mansion without any idea where she was or who she’d had sex with.

She wanted to look for answers from her uncle, but he didn’t even have the time for her.

Looking at his back, she frowned as she still had many things she wanted to say to him.

She also had a feeling that her uncle was leaving her as if he wasn’t planning to return to the Xue family.

Xu Xiyan noticed Xue Yating had come earlier, but did not have the time to talk to her.

Now that she had her break, she walked up to Xue Yating. “Tingting, hey.”

“Sis! Done with your shooting?”

“A part of it, there’s more after the break,” Xu Xiyan said as she sat down beside Xue Yating. “Oh, I still have to thank you for calling Huo Yunshen that night, or else I would’ve been in trouble. I also got the violin from him, thank you so much.”

It was Xue Yating who had called Huo Yunshen that night, and it helped Xu Xiyan and Huo Yunshen become one.

Yet Xue Yating herself didn’t even know who she had slept with.

“I heard that Mr. Huo proposed to you!” Xue Yating said. “Congrats! You finally got what you wanted.”

“Thank you,” Xu Xiyan smiled.

Both of them talked until the assistant director told Xu Xiyan the break was over.

“We’ll talk next time, okay?” Xu Xiyan said.

“Okay. Don’t forget about the music festival in D city next month.”

“I won’t.”

Even though Xu Xiyan had gotten her hands on Artemis, she still intended to help Xue Yating until the end since she’d promised.

The noon session was changed to an outdoor shoot as Xu Xiyan followed An Xianming and the crew to another location.

They arrived at Peijing Wetland Forest Park, a place that was filled with an elegant and fresh natural ecosystem.

The shooting went on smoothly and they finished earlier than they’d imagined.

An Xianming took a look at his wristwatch and said, “All right, Jing Xi, your part is done now. It’s time

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