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Xu Xiyan entered the living room. Seeing that she had returned, Huo Yunshen said to Tang Shixue, “She’s back.”

Tang Shixue turned and saw the little girl holding onto a woman’s hand. The woman looked less than twenty years old—she looked very young. Her delicate facial features were prominent and she looked a bit biracial. In short, she was an extremely beautiful woman.

When Tang Shixue first saw her, she thought that she looked very familiar. She thought carefully for a while, then finally figured out where she had seen her before.

She had seen her in the music video of one of the songs in Huo Yunshen’s new album. She was the heroine of the MV who had co-starred with Mu Chenguang.

Never had she expected that she was the woman who Huo Yunshen liked!

“Let me make the introductions.” Huo Yunshen stood up and introduced the two women to each other. “Shixue, this is my wife, Jing Xi. Jing Xi, this is Tang Shixue, my friend.”


The word “wife” came like an axe, chopping into Tang Shixue’s heart. Her heart was bursting with pain.

One was his wife, the other was his friend. It was such a big difference.

“Hello, Miss Tang.”

Xu Xiyan came over and placed one hand onto Huo Yunshen’s shoulder naturally. She extended her other hand for a handshake with Tang Shixue.

“Hello.” Tang Shixue forced a smile while, in truth, her heart was bleeding inside.

She was late. Another woman had taken her place.

Tang Shixue felt somewhat unreconciled in her heart. Originally, the title of “Mrs. Huo” was supposed to be hers.

At this time, Huo Yunshen’s cell phone rang. He excused himself and went outside to the balcony to answer the call.

After Xu Xiyan had made her acquaintance with Tang Shixue, she poised herself as the mistress of the house and invited Tang Shixue to sit down. “Please have a seat, Miss Tang. I’ve heard all of your songs and they’re all really good. You’re the queen of western love songs. You’re really amazing.”

“Thank you, I’ve listened to your performance with Yunshen. You sing very well too,” Tang Shixue replied. It wasn’t clear whether she was being sincere or not. Her real implications were very difficult to identify.

After that, there was an awkward silence as there was nothing else to talk about. Xu Xiyan couldn’t find a suitable topic for their conversation. Even Ying Bao thought that adults were so boring in their conversation.

She didn’t like the pretty auntie. She hoped that the pretty auntie would leave as quickly as possible. She nestled herself in her mother’s arms, patted her little belly and said, “Mommy, Baby is hungry.”

“Oh, you’re hungry? Then I’m going to cook now.”

Xu Xiyan stroked the child on her head, then stood up and said, “Miss Tang, I’m going to cook dinner. Stay with us for dinner tonight?”

How could she stay?

Stay and become a third wheel?

“No, I should go back.”

Tang Shixue stood up and prepared to leave. “Please tell Yunshen

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