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“She was your first love, and it never ended. You even have a child with her!” Xu Xiyan shouted. “I’ll file for a divorce tomorrow, I quit! Have your life with her and her child. I’ll lead my own life with Ying Bao, and we’ll never cross paths again!”

Huo Yunshen realized something was really wrong if it even made her suggest a divorce. He had no idea what she was talking about.

“Jing Xi, what did you just say? What child?” Huo Yunshen asked as he frowned and grabbed her arm.

Xu Xiyan pulled her hand back and got up. She turned around and sobbed, “You already have a son with Tang Shixue, don’t you dare tell me you have no idea about it. How long were you going to hide it from me? Until the world was filled with children?”

I have a son with Tang Shixue? Who made that up? Huo Yunshen lay on the couch, confused.

“Jing Xi, where did you hear that? I’ve only hidden one thing from you for my entire life, and that is my identity.”

Huo Yunshen guessed that it was Tang Shixue who’d come back for him after a few years abroad.

“…” Xu Xiyan remained quiet and did not reply to him.

Huo Yunshen was certain that it was Tang Shixue.

A few years back Tang Shixue kept going after him and even confessed her feelings. But he never fell for her.

He rejected her and told her that she was only a little sister to him. He thought that after all these years, she would let him go and lead her own life.

He’d never expected that the first thing she’d do after she came back was interfere with his relationship with Xu Xiyan.

“I don’t care if you believe me or not, but the only woman that I’ve ever loved in this life is you, only you,” Huo Yunshen explained. “You’re my first love. I could never forget about you after you came into my life five years ago. From the past to the present, you’re the only woman that I’d touch. As for Tang Shixue and her son, I really have no idea what’s going on. Can you give me some time to investigate?”

Deep down in her heart, Xu Xiyan still wanted to believe him. After hearing his explanation, her heart softened a little.

But the words that Tang Shixue had said were like needles, and Xu Xiyan could not ignore them.

“All right, three days,” Xu Xiyan turned around and said. “If you can’t give me an explanation, then we’re done.”

Xu Xiyan turned around and wanted to leave, but Huo Yunshen pulled her back into his arms.

Huo Yunshen pushed her onto the couch while he grabbed her arms and said, “Calm down, okay?”

The best way to calm her down was to kiss her, hard, and let her know how much he really loved her.

The kiss became more intense as Huo Yunshen’s arm made its way around her waist as if he was trying to stick himself to her.

They kissed until Xu Xiyan started to feel a little light-headed and pushed him away.

“Spill it! What identity are you hiding from me?”

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