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Bunny Mommy rested her fluffy hand on Mr. Cherry’s palm. He pulled her over and hugged her tightly.

Since they were both wearing costumes, they weren’t able to kiss. They could only hug each other to express their happiness.

The picture on the advertising display was showing the smiles of Mr. Cherry and Bunny Mommy.

Ying Bao suddenly appeared and forced herself into the middle of her parents as she smiled happily.

Even Fang Xiaocheng teared up, as her best friend had finally found her happiness.

Operation Mascot Proposal was a huge success.

As he hid his identity through a costume, Huo Yunshen announced to the whole world that he’d found the woman he loved.

Huo Yunshen led Xu Xiyan into the hot air balloon, and they slowly rose into the sky.

“Hubby, when did you prepare all of this? Why didn’t you even tell me?”

“I wanted it to be a surprise.”

“I’m surprised!” Xu Xiyan exclaimed as she suddenly thought of the song he’d just sung. “What was the song just now? It was my first time hearing it.”

“The song’s name is ‘Passionately Devoted to You.’ I wrote it for you.”

Passionately Devoted to You, Xu Xiyan thought. Xu Xiyan… Huo Yunshen…[1]

“You put our name in it, right?” Xu Xiyan exclaimed as she kept repeating the name of the song in her head.

“Yup,” Huo Yunshen said as he rubbed her head.

Xu Xiyan suddenly remembered the song that topped the chart “Maybe,” and her eyes widened as she said, “I get it now! The song ‘Maybe’ also uses our last name![2]”


“Why didn’t I notice it sooner?”

Huo Yunshen had already expressed his feelings towards her in the song “Maybe,” but she never thought much about it.

If she were able to understand the meaning behind the title, she could’ve express her feelings back earlier.

But lucky enough they were still able to be together after many twists and turns.

As the hot air balloon flew over the Jade Lake, Huo Yunshen revealed another surprise for her.

Lightings on the dark lake were arranged into a sentence.

[Xi, I’ll always love you forever!]

Both of them had already taken off their heavy costume as they looked at each other face.

The pretty guy looked at the girl gently with his black eyes.

Xu Xiyan never stopped crying as tears fell like diamonds dropping.

She hugged him tightly as she saw the words on the lake and said, “I never thought you could be so romantic. It’s out of my expectations!”

“Is this romantic? I’m not really sure. All I know is that I’m willing to try anything for you.”

If not for her, there was no need for him to be so romantic.

Because of her, he was willing to think hard and do things that could make her happy.


[1] The romanization of “Passionately Devoted to You” in Chinese is “xu ni yi wang qing shen.”

[2] The romanization of “Maybe” in Chinese is “huo xu.”

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