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Despite having said that she did not care about his past, at this point, Xu Xiyan had to admit that she was still very curious. She could not help but ask, “Who did he love before?”

“Who do you think it was? Do you know the significance of these two letters on my bracelet?”

Tang Shixue fingered the letter “S” on her bracelet, her rosy lips curving into a faint smile.

Xu Xiyan’s gaze fell on the bracelet again. Two letters glittered on the bracelet—one “S,” and the other “X.”

At first she thought they were the initials of her name “Shixue,” but later, she came upon a terrible connection…

Shen… S…

Xue… X…

Xu Xiyan looked up at Tang Shixue incredulously and stared at her. Her heart felt as if she had been greatly shocked.

She considered Huo Yunshen’s and her explanation as well as the two’s relationship. Huo Yunshen had told her that Tang Shixue was the sister of his good bro, Tang Shiguang. Back when he was in Mstan, he had an okay relationship with her and he regarded her as a sister.

But the woman in front of her had given her a new perspective.

The relationship between Tang Shixue and Huo Yunshen was not as simple as Huo Yunshen had said. So they used to be lovers, and their love for each other was a deep and unforgettable one?

Otherwise, why was Tang Shixue still wearing a bracelet with Huo Yunshen’s initials?

Tang Shixue watched Jing Xi quietly as a realization dawned onto the woman, the expression on her face changing. She knew that the first step of her plan had worked.

In reality, her bracelet had nothing to do with Huo Yunshen. “SX” was simply the initials of her name “Shixue.”

It was only a coincidence, but she had taken full advantage of it.

Whenever the thought of Tang Shixue being Huo Yunshen’s first love flashed across her mind, Xu Xiyan felt as if she had swallowed a fly—she couldn’t describe how disgusted she felt.

She was now beginning to suspect Tang Shixue’s intentions. She looked like a kind-hearted big sister who always carried a light smile on her face. It was impossible to catch any sinister intentions from her appearance.

But the thing was, while she looked harmless now, she had told her everything that had happened in the past. What was she trying to do here?

Destroy her impression of Huo Yunshen?

Or was she trying to rekindle her love with her former lover Huo Yunshen because she felt unreconciled?

For all those who intended to destroy her love life, Xu Xiyan would always smile. “Miss Tang, no matter who Huo Yunshen has loved before, and how unforgettable the memories were, they are all already in the past. I will not care about it. There’s a saying that goes ‘you should cherish the present,’ don’t you agree? As long as he loves me now and we’re happy together, that is more important than anything else.”

This was Xu Xiyan’s basic respect and trust for Huo Yunshen. She loved the Huo Yunshen she knew, not the Huo Yunshen who had lived in a

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