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Huo Yunshen was stunned by her appearance until Xu Xiyan knocked on the window.

“Did you change your clothes?” he asked.

“Yup. How is it?”

“It’s good, but… aren’t you cold in that?” Huo Yunshen asked as he swallowed his saliva.

What he had intended to say was that she was showing too much cleavage. Almost half of her chest could be seen. There was no way that Huo Yunshen would let her wear that out and let other men stare at her.

“It’s not cold at all. Even if I was cold, this dress matches your shirt,” Xu Xiyan smiled.

Huo Yunshen wore an ironed white button-down, and it perfectly outlined his tall and muscular body. With his perfect facial features, people could say that he was a living hormone.

Huo Yunshen got down from the car, and Xu Xiyan thought he was going to open the door for her. But to her surprise, he pulled her back into the house by her shoulder.

“You should change into something else. I’m afraid that you might get sick.”

Every time Huo Yunshen lowered his head to peek at her body, he had the urge to rip her dress apart. The more he thought of it, the more he was sure that he could not let her go out dressed like that.

“It’s really okay. I thought we were in a hurry? Let’s go!”

Xu Xiyan still could not understand what the man thought until they went back into the house and she was pinned at the door by him.

She recalled the fun they’d had last night as she pushed his head away and said, “Hey! Are we still going out or not?”

“You are seducing me with that dress, right? How do you expect me to go out with you looking like this?” Huo Yunshen said as he bent over and bit her earlobe. “You’re just way too sexy, and it makes me want to… rip it open!”

In just a few seconds, the beautiful dress was torn to pieces by the man.

It was another battle until the man was satisfied and carried Xu Xiyan into the changing room.

Huo Yunshen had set up two new wardrobes beside his for Xu Xiyan and Ying Bao. In them was beautiful clothes of various styles, and each item cost a lot.

Xu Xiyan was stunned by them, wondering when he had prepared all of them.

Huo Yunshen chose a new set of clothes for her. It was a light purple top with a bowknot on it, and a slim A-line skirt. The outfit was pretty, but at the same time wasn’t too revealing.

Huo Yunshen also changed into a light purple button-down. Both of them stood in front of the mirror, and they really looked like a couple.

“All right, we can leave now.”

Huo Yunshen guided Xu Xiyan out with his arm over her chest.

Xu Xiyan finally understood what he was trying to do and it made her laugh. She had a few other dresses that were also revealing, and she wondered if Huo Yunshen would rip every piece apart whenever she wore one.

It was the first time Huo Yunshen had driven a car on his own since he’d recovered. There was no need for the RV at the moment anymore.

He drove the fancy sports car with the girl he lov

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