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Xu Xiyan threw kicks and punches left and right, fast like a ninja. She took care of the guards with great ease and agility and mowed them to the ground.

After watching Xu Xiyan plowing through the security guards one after another, the front desk girl quickly called for more back up.

Nevertheless, it was their bad luck for meeting Xu Xiyan today. One by one, they got their necks wrung and their arms twisted by Xu Xiyan. If they came two by two, Xu Xiyan would make sure to double her wrath.

Before they knew it, the lobby was littered all over with moaning security guards sprawled across the floor.

Oh my god, it wasn’t just a terrorist they’d met today; it was a super female thug who was a goddess of war.


The front desk girl called the police, then activated the tower’s alarm system.

Weewooo… Weewooo…

Huo Yunshen, who was holding a high-level meeting at the conference center, suddenly heard the alarm blaring from above. He narrowed his eyes and turned to Yi Xiao.

Yi Xiao and the other executives were just as dumbfounded. No one knew what was going on outside.

Generally, unless there were any special emergencies or serious incidents, nobody was allowed to simply activate the tower’s alarm system.

What’s going on?

The first thing Yi Xiao did was to go outside and inquire about the situation. After two minutes or so, he came back looking flustered and reported everything to Huo Yunshen.

After listening to his report, Huo Yunshen turned pale in an instant. He felt as though an extremely cold wind had shrouded over his body. He shot up from his seat and rushed out of the meeting room.

All the executives were stunned. What happened? Why did their president suddenly leave? He seemed to look very angry…?

Though there were a lot of injured security guards lying on the floor of the lobby, a dozen more still surrounded Xu Xiyan.

At the same time, several policemen came in from the outside. They were all armed with guns. They had received reports of a terrorist attack and had immediately rushed over to the scene.

Xu Xiyan was now surrounded by an even bigger group consisting of both the police and security guards. All guns were pointed at her.

“Freeze! Put your hands up!”

Xu Xiyan finally stopped; she was exhausted from beating them up anyways. She never knew how difficult it was to see Huo Yunshen at a time when she wanted to see him the most.

Even the police had come to stop her.

After observing the situation, the police had deemed Xu Xiyan a terrorist and a criminal and ordered her to raise her hands and surrender.

“Arrest her!”

Xu Xiyan did not move. Two police officers came forward to arrest her.

At this moment, a cold and sharp voice came from behind them, “Stop! Don’t you dare touch her!”

Everyone froze at the voice. When they turned to look, they saw a tall and domineering man standing there, flanked by his assistants and bodyguards.

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