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“Thank you. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me. I’m so happy,” Xu Xiyan said as she rested her head on Huo Yunshen’s shoulder.

“If you really want to thank me, then give me something better.”

“What… hey…”

As soon as she raised her head, the man lowered his and kissed her.

Huo Yunshen had already regained his self-confidence, daring to love unlike before.

Both of them sat in the hot air balloon as they hugged and kissed each other.

They landed on the island in the center of the Jade Lake.

The Qingyun Residence was decorated with warm lighting as soft music played in the background. The aromas from the flowers intensified the romantic atmosphere at the villa.

Huo Yunshen led Xu Xiyan by her hand into the residence where a candlelight dinner had already been prepared in the garden.

He sat her down and served her the food that he’d prepared.

Xu Xiyan took a bite of the steak and exclaimed, “Hubby! This is really good!”

“I can cook for you every day if you like it.”

“Looks like I can eat something good everyday then!”

Huo Yunshen looked at Xu Xiyan with his attractive eyes, took out a box from behind his back like magic and said, “This is for you. Open it.”

“Really? There’s more?”

Xu Xiyan took the box from him and guessed that it was filled with roses as that was the trend.

But she held her hands over her mouth after she opened the box.

She’d never thought that her mother’s violin, Artemis, would be lying still in the box.

“I thought Artemis was with Xue Yating? How did you…”

Xu Xiyan had made a deal with Xue Yating that she would return the violin after Xu Xiyan had finished helping her perform.

“That’s right. If I’d known sooner that this violin meant so much to you, I could’ve got it back earlier,” Huo Yunshen apologized.

He’d heard about the violin and the fact that Xu Xiyan was playing in Xue Yating’s place for the violin from Xue Yating herself.

Xue Yating was willing to give the violin back earlier as their engagement gift so that Xu Xiyan could stop playing in her place.

“No, I just… I don’t even know how to thank you.”

Xu Xiyan was too happy that she had finally gotten back her mother’s belonging.

“You should thank Xue Yating too. As for me, you can repay me by spending the night in bed with me. If you think that’s not enough, then a few nights should suffice,” Huo Yunshen teased without a change in his expression.

Xu Xiyan blushed as she laughed, “Hubby, I think you’re more daring than you used to be.”

“Well, because you weren’t mine back then.”

That was the truth. He was scared that he might scare her away if he spoke without refrain.

But everything was different now. She had become his woman; he could say anything he had in mind.

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