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Huo Yunshen’s true identity?

Movie King, President of the Huo Group… other than those, who else could he be?

She knew how much Huo Yunshen loved her, but she didn’t understand what Tang Shixue actually wanted to say.

Xu Xiyan crossed her arms and leaned back in her chair as she stared at Tang Shixue suspiciously, “I don’t quite get your meaning. What other identities does he have?”

“Looks like you don’t know anything.”

There was a faint, mocking smile on Tang Shixue’s lips. “Don’t you know? Back when we were still in Mstan, we had lived together in the same house before. Every night we would frolic in bed together. His needs in that ‘aspect’ were very strong and he always left me exhausted and half dead the next day. Also, I had a child with him.”

Xu Xiyan: “…”

Although Tang Shixue had made up a story, her words still came like a tornado in a summer’s day and like a blizzard in the winter, tearing into Xu Xiyan’s body in the blink of an eye.

She could feel a million arrows piercing into her heart. Her heart was bleeding inside painfully.

How could Huo Yunshen and Tang Shixue… have had a child before?

In order to make Xu Xiyan completely believe her, Tang Shixue opened the photo album on her mobile phone, found a photo of a little boy and showed it to Xu Xiyan.

“This is our son. His name is Mike. He is four years old this year. Five years ago, I had this child with him.”

Xu Xiyan’s hands gripped the edges of the sofa tightly as she stared at the photo with reddening eyes. She was fighting hard to restrain her emotions.

She didn’t believe in Huo Yunshen and Tang Shixue’s relationship. She also didn’t believe that they’d had a child.

The photo in front of her was a photo of a handsome little boy smiling happily. She looked carefully at the boy’s facial features—he seemed to really resemble Huo Yunshen.

How was this possible?

A child who was almost as old as Ying Bao. Was he really Huo Yunshen’s son?

“No, I don’t believe… I don’t believe this…”

Xu Xiyan pressed her hands to the sides of her head and shook her head furiously. Her emotions seemed to have taken a great blow.

Tang Shixue was pleased to see Xu Xiyan’s current state. She continued to spread salt in her wounds. “Whether you believe it or not, this is the truth and it is impossible to erase it. Let me be honest with you: the reason I’ve returned to Zstan is because of him. I wanted to start over with him and furthermore, Mike needs a family. I hope you will return him to me.”

Tang Shixue had raised her child by herself and the child had become her biggest bargaining chip.

She believed that once Huo Yunshen saw Mike, he would not reject him as his son.

Xu Xiyan was speechless. If Mike needed a family, then what about her daughter, Ying Bao?

After a moment of anguish, Xu Xiyan fought to endure the grief in her heart and said, “Miss Tang, I don’t care whether what you’ve said is true or not. I only kno

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