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Huo Yunshen was done making dinner. Xu Xiyan proceeded to call up the two professional meal scroungers to tell them to come over.

They had a great time having dinner together. After Ying Bao had fallen asleep, the four adults decided to play a video game together.

The group, headed by Yun Qing, consisted of himself, Gongzi Yaoyue, Yiye Zhiqiu, The Official Little Cutie, as well as Dongxie Xidu. The five combined to form a team of god-like warriors. In the online game “The Royal Alliance,” it could be said that they were unstoppable and invincible.

The next day, Xu Xiyan went to finish her shoot for the final part of the ROSUE commercial.

There were both indoor and outdoor scenes for the ROSUE commercial. The crew had spent three days shooting the commercial under Director An Xianming’s leadership and finally, it was finished.

Recently, news about Huo Yunshen had spread throughout Peijing. Journalists from various media outlets were competing to report headline news about his independence from his wheelchair and his glorious re-emergence as the handsome and charming movie king.

Some people said that Huo Yunshen was a legend. After being paralyzed for five years, he was able to walk again due to his sheer determination.

Though he had abandoned Yunhai Entertainment, he had ushered in an even more brilliant life for himself.

As news about Huo Yunshen was being reported, news about Huo Jingtang eventually cropped up too. However, the two brothers of the Huo family each had very different circumstances from each other.

It all started when Xu Xinrou had first signed with Yunhai Entertainment. Since joining the company, she had directly snatched Qi Liya’s resources away. Even her assistant Xiao Ke had been taken away from her by Xu Xinrou.

Yunhai Entertainment now had no place for Qi Liya. Shortly after the announcement of her retirement, she also announced that she had canceled her contract with Yunhai Entertainment.

After she had lifted her contract, a large number of actors and artists followed suit by canceling their contracts with Yunhai Entertainment one after another.

The reason was that many of the actors were dissatisfied with the company’s arrangements. Whenever there were good resources, they would be snatched away. This was something that had never happened before while Huo Yunshen was still in office.

Huo Jingtang had arranged the best resources for Xu Xinrou and the team she was cultivating, which caused the dissatisfaction of many people.

The entertainment industry was once again in a turmoil and the recent artist disputes in Yunhai Entertainment were very serious. The media was spreading news about Yunhai Entertainment all over the place, reporting that Yunhai had gone from bad to worse under the leadership of Huo Jingtang.

Not only was Huo Jingtang being harsh to his artists, but he was also being very biased in his treatment of them. He had failed to safeguard the resou

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