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“That depends on your performance. With your current attitude, you’re still thousands of miles away from meeting my standards for a girlfriend.”

Since he was willing to give her a chance, Huo Sanyan was so happy. She sincerely vowed, “Just tell me, what do you look for in a girlfriend? I’m willing to do anything for you as long as you ask for it.”

Ye Xun glanced around the messy house. It looked like a war field. “First, she must know how to tidy the house.”

“Sooo easy!”

Huo Sanyan released him and pulled up her sleeves, preparing to go all out.

After taking Ying Bao away, Xu Xiyan left the child in front of Huo Yunshen’s apartment. She left her to knock on the door while she returned to her own apartment.

Someone was knocking on the door outside. Huo Yunshen got up from the sofa. “Please excuse me, I’m going to get the door.”

It was Ying Bao who appeared at the door. The little girl tilted her little face up, smiled and waved her little chubby hand at him. “Hello, Daddy.”

“Baby, you’re back.”

Huo Yunshen picked his daughter up and looked around outside. Xu Xiyan wasn’t at the door. Strange. Where did she go looking for her mobile phone? Had she not found it yet?

He took his daughter back into the house. Tang Shixue turned and saw Huo Yunshen returning with a little cute girl in his arms. Her eyes were filled with indescribable shock and surprise.

The scandal about him having a daughter was true after all?

Tang Shixue struggled to maintain the smile on her face. She could only try her best to keep her composure. “Yunshen, you really have a daughter? Is she the one?”

At first glance, she was very fond of the little girl because she was so cute. She couldn’t help but feel like stroking her head.

But as thought of the child belonging to Huo Yunshen and another woman flashed across her mind, she felt unwell.

She had missed out on so much all those years not staying by Huo Yunshen’s side.

“Yup, her name is Cherry,” Huo Yunshen answered, his voice indifferent. He said to his daughter, “Baby, say hello to Auntie.”

Ying Bao immediately pouted her little mouth when she saw Tang Shixue, looking unhappy. So, there really was a pretty auntie who wanted to snatch her daddy away.

Say hello to her? No way she was going to do that!

Huo Yunshen hadn’t expected that the child would not only be unwilling to cooperate, but that she would also be very cold to his guest. He could only explain awkwardly, “Sorry, my daughter is a little timid. She’s not comfortable around strangers.”

“It’s all right.” Tang Shixue shook her head, then asked again, “Where’s her mother? Who is she?”

Tang Shixue was very curious about this matter. She wanted to know who the woman was who had swept away Huo Yunshen’s heart long ago?

As Huo Yunshen was about to answer, the little girl interjected unexpectedly, “My mommy is the most beautiful and the kindest and the cutest girl in the world. My daddy love

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