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It was Huo Yunshen’s tactic, faking the enemy by taking a step back.

As soon as Huo Xun handed the power over to Huo Yunshen, he would become the inheritor of the whole Huo Enterprise, making him the person to rule over the whole Huo family.

Huo Jingtang was depressed even when he’d finally become the CEO of Yunhai Entertainment.

Making it worse was the fact that even his grandfather had set him up.

Even though his grandfather did not openly punish him for taking over the company by force, Huo Xun instead handed over everything to Huo Yunshen secretly. Huo Jingtang wasn’t even invited to the board meeting.

Every choice Huo Xun had made clearly reflected the fact that he wanted to exclude Huo Jingtang and the people that were siding with his father out of the enterprise.

“It’s still not late, you know,” Xu Xinrou said sympathetically. “You just have to find a way to take back things that have been robbed from you.”

“Take it back? With what? Huo Yunshen has a daughter now,” Huo Jingtang said as he smashed a table. “That’s the reason why grandpa would suddenly hand everything over to him. It’s all because of the child.”

One of the requirements of being the heir of the Huo family was having a child.

Huo Jingtang had thought of a way to take care of Huo Yunshen five years ago, but he’d managed to survive the accident. But it was the same accident that took away his ability to walk and mate.

Huo Jingtang had many chances to take care of Huo Yunshen after the accident, but he thought that being crippled would be the best punishment and torture for Huo Yunshen.

Yet he’d never thought that everything would turn out different than what he’d imagined.

“So what if he has a daughter?” Xu Xinrou asked. “You won’t lose if you have a child of your own.”

“Child? What good will a child do me now?”

Huo Jingtang had been planning to take over the company for the past few years and rarely had time to mess around with women.

Now that the existence of Huo Yunshen’s daughter was known to the whole family, it was too late for Huo Jingtang even if he could produce a child right away.

“Of course it does. I’m already pregnant.”

Huo Jingtang could feel a chill running down his spine as he looked at Xu Xinrou.

“Who’s the father?” Huo Jingtang asked as the father could either be him or Chu Yuhe.

Yet the father wasn’t even one of them. The child belonged to Mr. Li, who Xu Xinrou slept with for one night. Xu Xinrou had still been pondering how to get rid of the child in her body, but she suddenly found a way to not only give birth to the child but also pave her way into the Huo family.

“Does it matter? The child could be a chance for you,” Xu Xinrou said. “You still have hope to take over the whole family if I can give birth to this child.”

Not only was Xu Xinrou not embarrassed about the bastard in her body, but she’d even treated the child like a wild card.

“Even if you can give birth to

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