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But Xue Yating was just like any other girl her age: she longed for friendship, for soul sisters who truly understood her.

“I… would be honored.”

It was the truth: Xu Xiyan was just as flattered and delighted as Xue Yating. She could not believe her luck: she had not only reclaimed her mother’s violin, but also made a new friend.

In a dreamy, confused manner, Xu Xiyan agreed to stand in for Xue Yating, and quickly became friends with her.

Xu Xiyan spent some time putting on her makeup and disguise.

She put on Xue Yating’s black evening gown. As soon as she emerged from the dressing room, Xue Yating gazed at her in complete amazement.

“Oh my god—Jing Xi, this is so surreal! I thought I was looking at my reflection in the mirror! You look exactly like me, I don’t know how you do it!”

Xu Xiyan looked at herself in the mirror. It was true, she was the spitting image of Xue Yating.

Xue Yating handed Artemis over to Xu Xiyan. Xu Xiyan placed the violin under her chin and began to play.

Once the beautiful, relaxing piece was over, Xue Yating applauded her vigorously. She enthused, with complete sincerity, “Jing Xi, that was amazing. You’re a much better violinist than I am, I feel so inferior.”

“Don’t say that, you’re a wonderful violinist.” Xu Xiyan laughed. “You should fall in love, get a boyfriend. I think that will help add a little more feeling to your music.”

Xu Xiyan had always felt that Xue Yating’s playing, although skillful, was a little lacking in emotion.

“Fall in love? I want to, but Mr. Ye doesn’t even know I exist. I don’t stand a chance.”

Xue Yating was not the type to delude herself with fantasies.

“But why does it have to be Mr. Ye? You’re a great catch, you can aim a lot higher.”

Xu Xiyan had seen Huo Sanyan and Ye Xun’s explosive interactions, and thought they made a promising couple.

If Xue Yating decided to turn it into a love triangle, all three of them would inevitably suffer. It was, in Xu Xiyan’s opinion, better to persuade Xue Yating to choose someone else before anyone got hurt.

“You want me to aim higher? Well, there’s only person better than Mr. Ye, and that’s Huo Yunshen! Mr. Huo may be in a wheelchair, but there’s something really attractive about him. He’s handsome and super talented, I’m sure he’ll make a great husband. What do you think?” said Xue Yating dreamily. She looked like a schoolgirl fantasizing about her crush.

“…” Xu Xiyan’s heart constricted. She felt as though someone was about to snatch her baby away.

Was Xue Yating in love with Huo Yunshen?

“You… you like Mr. Huo?” There was a tinge of resentment in Xu Xiyan’s voice.

Xue Yating had only been testing Xu Xiyan. As soon as she saw that Xu Xiyan was upset and close to tears, she immediately burst into laughter. “Hahaha, I was just teasing you! Oh dear, you should have seen that panicked look on your face! Don’t worry, Mr. Huo is yours, I have no intention of taking him from

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