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Xu Xiyan had not been aware that the poll was already over, and was surprised to hear from Xue Yating that the results were out.

“I don’t really care. Like they say, if you don’t get what you want, that means you’ll be getting something even better.”

She had known she would lose. She wasn’t exactly famous—how was she supposed to compete with the A-list superstars?

Xu Xiyan was entirely nonchalant about the matter: the role was either hers, or it wasn’t. The results did not affect her in the slightest because she had not expected to get the part.

“Wow, I love your positivity. I’m liking you more and more with every passing minute. Oh, how I wish I had a sister like you!”

After spending time together, Xue Yating found that she really enjoyed being with Xu Xiyan. Xu Xiyan was like a wise, caring older sister, despite being only a little older than Xue Yating.

“Oh, you already have one.”

Xu Xiyan smiled shyly. It wasn’t a one-sided friendship; Xu Xiyan, too, had accepted Xue Yating as a friend.

“I’m so glad to hear that.”

Xue Yating happily slid a hand around Xu Xiyan’s arm. “Jing Xi, do you have time? Why don’t we go shopping together?”

Xue Yating was envious of the girls who went shopping together, hand-in-hand. She was always alone when she went shopping—the assistant and the bodyguard trailing behind her didn’t count—and she found it dreadfully boring.

“I’ll have to take a rain check on that. I have to report to the set later today to wrap up my scenes,” said Xu Xiyan apologetically.

Xue Yating was both sympathetic and understanding. She said, “Okay, we’ll go shopping when you have the time. I really, really want to go shopping with you.”

Xu Xiyan hurried towards the movie set as soon as she stepped out of the Xue residence.

They would be shooting Xu Xiyan’s final scene for “Red Sleeved Beauty.” It was also the last scene of the day.

Meng Jinxin’s maid, Yao Yue, had been secretly helping Wei Yuting regain the Emperor’s affections. Thanks to Yao Yue’s help, Wei Yuting reclaimed her status as the Emperor’s concubine, and was now Meng Jinxin’s equal.

Meng Jinxin was furious. In her anger, she ordered for Yao Yue to be beaten with a cane 100 times as punishment.

Yao Yue was beaten to death. In her final moments, she coughed out a mouthful of blood before finally closing her eyes.


After Huang Guoqiang, the director, shouted “cut,” he signaled to everyone on the set. “Very good! That’s a wrap for Yao Yue!”

As soon as she heard the words “that’s a wrap,” Xu Xiyan got up and wiped the fake blood from her mouth.

“Jing Xi, congratulations! That’s a wrap, all your scenes are done.”

The production crew swarmed around her to congratulate her.

After removing her makeup, Qi Liya stepped forward and gave her a gentle, encouraging hug. “Jing Xi, your acting was wonderful.”

“Thank you, Ms. Qi.”

That had been the last scene for the day. The production crew b

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