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Huo Jingtang instantly understood what Xu Xinrou was implying, he wasn’t an idiot.

If what Xu Xinrou had said was true, if she was able to give birth to a child for him, and if Huo Yunshen’s daughter were to disappear, then Huo Jingtang would have a very high chance of claiming the spot of the next heir.

It was as if his frustration was suddenly gone.

“You sure are my think tank,” Huo Jingtang smiled and hugged Xu Xinrou. “Now that you’re going to have our child, we should move forward with our wedding. I’ll go back and have a talk with my grandpa.”

“You have to remain calm when trouble arises,” Xu Xinrou warned. “You should go back and apologize for your mistake as sincerely as you can.”

“Of course,” Huo Jingtang said as he picked Xu Xinrou up and headed towards the bedroom. “But before that, I think I should reward my adviser first.”

Early the next morning, at the Huo Mansion, Moxiang Residence, Huo Jingtang sat in front of Huo Xun’s bed.

“Grandpa, I’m here. How are you?”

“I won’t die yet, thanks to you,” Huo Xun said as he sat up. “Disappointed?”

Huo Jingtang’s face turned pale as he helped Huo Xun up and set a pillow down behind him.

“What are you talking about?” Huo Jingtang laughed. “I hope that you can live past a hundred.”

“That would be good if what you said was the truth.”

Even though Huo Xun was old, his mind was still working fine. He could still understand what was happening inside the family.

He knew perfectly well what kind of people his two grandsons were, and he could still differentiate between the good and the bad.

“I know what I did to Huo Xun was wrong. That’s why I’m here today, to apologize.” Huo Jingtang knelt down. “I know that people will think that I’m cruel, but everything that I did was all for Yunshen’s sake. I didn’t want him to be overworked since he’s in a wheelchair. He’s like my little brother, my only little brother. We grew up together, and I would still give him half of what I have. I always thought that since I’m older than Yunshen, I should take care of him and the whole family. I just want to fulfill my responsibility.”

Everything that Huo Jingtang said was a lie. He talked about taking over the throne like it was out of his generosity, as if he was forced to take the role of the next heir.

Huo Xun could hear the lies in his words. As the elder of the Huo family, he thought that he should warn his grandson a little.

“Do you think I’ve become senile? You should know how many lies you’ve just told me,” Huo Xun scolded. “Don’t think that I have no idea of all the decisions you’ve made behind my back. Let me tell you this: it was me who decided to exclude Yunhai Entertainment out of our family business. It’s a warning for you! If I even hear once more word of your evil-doing in the future, you’ll be kicked out of this family!”

A warning from the king of the family. If Huo Jingtang remained as the same he was, Huo Xun was ready to k

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