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[I downloaded it as soon as it was out! It’s amazing! I’m going to the record store later to buy a physical copy for my collection.]

[I’m so in LOVE with Ni Yun’s songs! You HAVE to watch the music video, it’s sooo romantic!]

Xu Xiyan scrolled through the comments: the gossip surrounding the two TV shows had turned into a discussion about Ni Yun’s new song.

According to the statistics on music streaming sites, 1.28 million users had listened to Ni Yun’s new song “Maybe” within 12 hours of its release. The number of downloads hit a record high, and the song immediately rose to the top of the New Release chart.

The song also generated a record number of comments and reviews on the internet.

[It’s soooooooo good!]

[I love Ni Yun’s songs, gotta collect them all…]

[Hey, did any of you notice there’s actually a female lead in Ni Yun’s MV this time around? This is new, none of his other MVs have a female lead!]

[Who’s the leading lady in the MV? She’s so pretty!]

[Is that Jing Xi and my prince Mu Chenguang in the MV?]

[I watched the MV, and now I really want to be part of a super dreamy romance!]

[Ni Yun actually chose Jing Xi to be the leading lady in his MV? Wow, she must have earned a ton of brownie points in her previous life to be so lucky. What did she do, save the world or something?]

The popularity of the “Maybe” MV shifted all interest in Jing Xi and Ma Haodong to Jing Xi and Ni Yun instead.

One reporter tried every trick he could think of to get her to spill the beans on Ni Yun, but Xu Xiyan deftly side-stepped all of his question. The enigmatic Ni Yun was now even more elusive and mysterious.

Xu Xiyan privately wondered whether she had, as the netizens had suggested, saved the world in her previous life. That was the only explanation for her miraculous luck in this life: what had she done to deserve her chance to meet Huo Yunshen?

She had been the first person to listen to the song “Maybe.” As soon as the song was released to the public, Xu Xiyan immediately shared the song on her Weibo.

She listened to the beautiful melody and the irresistibly magnetic voice, and saw, with her mind’s eye, Huo Yunshen’s stoic face and charming eyes.

Oh, he was truly a real-life Prince Charming, and it felt wonderful to be in a secret romance with him!

Xu Xiyan was in such a good mood she immediately agreed when Fang Xiaocheng asked if she wanted to meet up.

The two of them met up in the private room of a BBQ restaurant. Fang Xiaocheng gaped at the food Xu Xiyan had ordered: there was enough to feed a party of seven or eight. She asked, “Is it payday for you? What’s with all the food?”

Xu Xiyan had ordered enough food to cover the entire table, and had even asked the waiter to uncork a bottle of red wine. She was determined to get happily drunk with her friend. “I don’t have to wait until payday to treat a good friend to a meal, do I?”

She laughed and added, “I can’t he

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