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Xu Xiyan quickly grabbed a trash can and placed it before Qi Liya for her to throw up in. She rubbed Qi Liya’s back as she turned to look at Huang Guoqiang. “Director Huang, please get me a bottle of mineral water.”

“Oh, sure.” Huang Guoqiang finally recovered from his surprise. He quickly found the bottle of mineral water that the hotel provided free of charge, unscrewed the cap, and handed it to Xu Xiyan.

After Qi Liya was done puking, Xu Xiyan gave her the bottle of mineral water. Once Qi Liya had gargled and rinsed out her mouth, Xu Xiyan helped her onto the bed to rest.

Xu Xiyan took the trash can to the bathroom to clean it. When she returned, she said to Huang Guoqiang with a serious, no-nonsense expression: “Director Huang, it isn’t safe to stay here. You have to get another room for Ms. Qi.”

“What’s wrong?” Huang Guoqiang asked, surprised.

“I was in the corridor just now, and I saw paparazzi tailing you. They’ve already taken pictures of the two of you entering this room. My guess is, the two of you will be in the headlines tomorrow. I think you may even receive a surprise bedside visit from them tomorrow morning. You know how they do things: ‘hi there, surprise, we caught the two of you in bed, now smile for the camera!’”

Xu Xiyan was the only person bold enough to explain a serious problem to Director Huang in such an off-beat, lighthearted manner. He could barely keep himself from bursting into laughter, despite the severity of the situation.

Huang Guoqiang smiled at her as he poked her forehead. “Well, I’ll be damned! You saved my ass, you little devil! Okay, I’ll go book another room, right this minute.”

“I’ll go. You’re too famous, you’ll attract too much attention!” said Xu Xiyan, laughing. She hurried out of the room.

After Xu Xiyan had left, Huang Guoqiang walked over to the bed to see how Qi Liya was doing.

This was a rare opportunity for him to be alone with Qi Liya, and Huang Guoqiang was reluctant to waste a single second of it. He watched the face of the sleeping woman, his eyes full of tenderness.

He could not resist reaching out and lightly caressing her rosy cheeks with his fingers. He touched her reverently, as though she were a rare, priceless treasure.

Qi Liya found his touch ticklish. She suddenly opened her bleary eyes, catching Huang Guoqiang by surprise. He immediately withdrew his hand, quick as lightning.

She closed her eyes again, rolled over, and went back to sleep.

Huang Guoqiang put a hand to his chest as he let out a low sigh of relief. That had been a close call!

It wasn’t long before Xu Xiyan returned with Xiao Ke. With the help of Huang Guoqiang, they moved Qi Liya to the room next door.

It was a twin room that Xu Xiyan had booked under her name. She and Xiao Ke stayed with Qi Liya the entire night.

Early the next morning—just as Xu Xiyan had predicted—Celebrity Hotel was swamped with reporters, all of them competing to be the first to

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