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Huang Guoqiang frowned. He adjusted his suit and said nonchalantly, “What are you talking about? I don’t understand.”

The reporters were all trying to look over his shoulder to see if Qi Liya was in the room. To their surprise, right after Huang Guoqiang walked out of the room, he was followed by the main creatives of his production crew: the scriptwriter, the cinematographer, the production sound mixer, and the editor.

This was evidently the morning after an all-night script study session with the main production staff. Where had the tip-off about Huang Guoqiang and Qi Liya sleeping together come from?

As the group of reporters stared in confusion, Huang Guoqiang began walking away, his head bowed in serious discussion with the scriptwriter regarding future plot changes. He looked so earnest and professional the reporters could not help feeling guilty about taking up his valuable time.

The reporters remained frozen in place even after Huang Guoqiang had disappeared down the corridor with his production crew in tow.

A few moments later, the door to Room 1107 opened. To everyone’s surprise, Qi Liya emerged from the room, followed by Jing Xi and Xiao Ke.

The reporters stood with their mouths open. If nothing had happened last night, what was up with that photo that had been leaked on the internet? The photo of Huang Guoqiang entering a hotel room with his arm around Qi Liya?

Although the photo did not actually prove anything, the reporters had a natural talent for jumping to conclusions with their overactive imaginations.

One of the reporters wormed his way through the crowd to interview Qi Liya. “Qi Liya, it looks like you didn’t spend the night with Director Huang Guoqiang. How do you explain this intimate shot of the two of you?”

Qi Liya stopped walking. She looked at the photo the reporter was showing her on his phone: it was a photo of Huang Guoqiang and her entering a hotel room. She laughed in an open, easy manner as she explained: “Last night was Jing Xi’s wrap party. I accidentally had too much to drink, and Director Huang helped me to my room. I don’t know who took this particular photo, but I don’t think it really matters. I have plenty of similar photos on my phone, taken during my spare time. What, are you interested in other such photos?”

The answer was watertight, but the reporter was not one to give up easily. “But there’s a rumor going around the internet that Director Huang is trying to woo you. Is it true?”

Qi Liya’s smile grew even more radiant. “Are you serious? Director Huang would never choose someone like me. If he tries to court me, I’ll marry him, right away. He’s a mature, reliable man and an accomplished director—anyone would jump at the opportunity to mooch off his fame and reputation!”

The reporters knew she was right: who wouldn’t want to mooch off someone like that?

If the rumors were true, Qi Liya and Huang Guoqiang would be married by now.

By this point, the

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