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The voice that sounded over the phone was grave and icy. “Dark Dragon, Jing Xi is in danger. Her coordinates have been sent to you. As Supreme Commander of JS HQ, I hereby task you with this honorary rescue mission, to be carried out without delay. No mistakes. Disobey me, and you will be punished according to JS law!”

Before Ye Xun could process all that, the call ended.

His brain remained fried for a few seconds. Hold on, who had that been on the phone?

Huo Yunshen?

And he had called him Dark Dragon?

And wait, what else had he said?Supreme Commander of JS HQ? Honorary rescue mission?

There was only one person in all of JS who could give out honorary missions as Supreme Commander: Zeus.


Ye Xun was sure he had been hearing things. The call couldn’t have been from Huo Yunshen. It didn’t sound like him. He checked the number again—okay, it was definitely Huo Yunshen.

Ye Xun’s mind was in a jumble: Oh my god, I thought he might be Zeus, and now I finally know for sure!

Huo Yunshen is Zeus!

Master Zeus personally contacted me and gave me a mission!

Oh my god, what did I do to deserve this honor?

Wait, what was the mission again?

He was supposed to rescue someone ASAP… Jing Xi?

Ye Xun’s jumbled thoughts finally sorted themselves out. The gravity of the situation dawned upon him.

He was an elite member of JS, and all his training had not been for nothing. Ye Xun was quick to adapt and respond to any situation: it took him less than 10 minutes after receiving the call to prep his gear, arm himself, and walk out the door. This was the highest level of speed and efficiency.

There was no time to lose, so he hopped onto a motorcycle and sped towards the private estate, located in a hilly area of Peijing.

Xu Xiyan was tossed onto a large, soft bed. Her hands and feet were tied—she looked for all the world like a trussed chicken. She struggled in vain to get up.

Who were these people?

What did they want with her?

These were the questions running through her mind when a fat balloon of a man entered the room. It was Li Dazhuang. He waved the other men away. “Leave us.”

Xu Xiyan knew that voice. A chill ran down her spine. Was the person who had kidnapped her Mr. Li, the head of Lianzhong?

With great effort, Xu Xiyan turned her head to look at the obese man. She said, surprised, “You did this, Mr. Li?”

Li Dazhuang clasped his hands behind his back as he paced the floor before the bed. There was a flicker of lecherous amusement in his eyes as he studied Xu Xiyan, who was still lying on the bed. “Bingo. I asked my men to invite you over.”

Xu Xiyan snorted. “Is this how you send an invitation?”

“My apologies, Ms. Xu. Those men of mine are unsophisticated brutes—they may have been a little crass with their invitation,” explained Li Dazhuang. He made no move to untie her, however.

“Why did you ‘invite’ me here today, Mr. Li?”

Xu Xiyan w

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