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Xu Xiyan turned her face away in disgust. She inwardly cursed Li Dazhuang a hundred times: Damn fatso! Go to hell!

Right now, her top priority was to get the repulsive creature to untie her. She needed to improve her chances of escaping, so Xu Xiyan decided to put on an act. “I’m so flattered you found me worthy of your time and attention, Mr. Li. I’m sorry I missed that boat, too. You’re a truly exceptional man, one in a million. I wish I’d met you earlier—I would have latched onto your back and had you carry me to fame and success.”

Li Dazhuang was pleased to hear that. “Heh, it’s not too late to latch onto me!”

Xu Xiyan struggled a little. “Mr. Li, look at me, I’m all tied up. I couldn’t latch onto you even if I wanted to. Can you untie me, please?”

“Ooooh, you want me to untie you? Okay, let me help…”

Li Dazhuang did not undo the knots. Instead, he seized the opportunity to run his hands all over her.

He had no intention whatsoever of untying her. He was aware that Xu Xiyan was a martial arts stunt double who knew how to put up a fight.

“You have such beautiful skin, Ms. Xu. I think it’s a terrible waste for a beauty like you to be a stunt double.”

Li Dazhuang tried to tempt her with promises even as he continued to molest her. “If you agree to be with me, Ms. Xu, I promise I’ll make you the queen of show business. You’ll be a superstar.”

“Of course I agree, why wouldn’t I? But you have to untie me first, okay?”

Xu Xiyan arched backwards and turned her head away to avoid Li Dazhuang’s unwelcome touch.

Li Dazhuang did not bother hiding his lust. He caressed her body as though toying with a beautiful, inanimate work of art. “But I think it’s a lot more exciting with you tied up. Don’t you agree, Ms. Xu?”

Exciting my ass!

By this point, Xu Xiyan knew that Li Dazhuang was definitely not going to untie her. What next?

Someone help me, please! Xu Xiyan had been inwardly crying for help since the beginning of this ordeal, but she knew she was doomed. Who was going to save her now?

Was this her fate?

The roar of the motorcycle engine abruptly ceased as Ye Xun leapt off his ride, abandoning it. He strode purposefully towards the gate to the estate, head held high.

The bodyguards on gate duty saw his unfamiliar face and stopped him. One of them asked, “What business do you have here?”

Ye Xun did not bother replying. He made short work of the bodyguards, and then kicked the gate open. The other guards inside the estate saw that he was trespassing, and ran to capture him.

Ye Xun opened his windbreaker. He pulled out his weapons and ruthlessly mowed down the obstacles in his way.

The bodyguards in the private estate did not have any weapons on them. They did not stand a chance against Ye Xun.

A bodyguard stepped forward to stop him. One down. Two bodyguards ran up to stop him. Two down. The private estate may as well have been completely deserted, for all the diffe

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