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The kiss was shallow, Xu Xiyan only rubbed her lips slightly against Huo Yunshen’s.

“I’ll stand by your side no matter what happens,” Xu XIyan said as she looked at Huo Yunshen affectionately.

“Jing Xi, thank you. Thank you for your encouragement,” Huo Yunshen said. He appreciated the trust and support that Xu Xiyan had given him, thanking God for giving him such a wonderful woman.

Xu Xiyan was about to get up after feeling satisfied with the kiss. But before she could even do so, a force pulled her back down.

Their bodies were closer to each other than before as their body heat rose.

“I don’t think that encouragement was enough, I need more from you,” Huo Yunshen said as he wrapped his arms around her waist. “The more, the better.”

His intention was clear, he needed another kiss.

“You do know that you’re getting more demanding, right?” Xu Xiyan said as she bit her lips out of embarrassment.

“There’s nothing wrong with that since you’re my girl and all,” Huo Yunshen joked.

“Hey! Who’s your girl…”

Before Xu Xiyan could finish her sentence, the man in front of her grabbed her head and sealed her lips with his own.

Ever since the relationship had deepened, all they wanted to do every day was to stay by each other’s side. Maybe that was the magic of love.

Both of them lay on the same bed at night with Ying Bao in the middle while they held hands.

Huo Yunshen asked Xu Xiyan about her plans for the next day before they slept.

“I just accepted a new job, I’ll need to go and check it out tomorrow,” Xu XIyan replied.

It was the violin job that she’d accepted from the black market. The meeting had been pushed back because of her tight schedule.

Now that her own family was well-maintained, it was time for her to settle her own stuff.

“Just decline it, I don’t want you to overwork yourself,” Huo Yunshen said, hoping that she could go easy on herself.

“No, I’ve already agreed,” Xu Xiyan said. “I’ll at least have to go to the meeting first.”

Now that Xu Xiyan had Huo Yunshen in her life, she could live without worrying about money. But she hoped that she could make her own money instead of relying on her man. Since Huo Yunshen understood what kind of person Xu Xiyan was, he did not pursue it any further.

If Xu Xiyan was ever in a pinch, he could still help her.

As this couple had a romantic night at Shengshi Yujing, another was in a bad mood.

Rows and rows of exquisite wine were stored on a shelf in a high-end condominium.

A man in a white sleeping robe stood in front of the shelf. His face was dark as he drank the wine in his hand in one go before throwing the glass on the floor.

The hate in his eyes was deep as if he wanted to destroy everything.

Xu Xinrou came out from the bedroom wearing a see-through robe. She stopped in front of the man and rested her hands on his shoulder.

“What’s wrong?” Xu Xinrou asked.

“I finally understood what Huo Yun

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