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“A Separation of Partnership — Yunhai, Entertainment Industry Leader, to Withdraw Their Shares in Juxing Entertainment”

Juxing Entertainment’s transformation from a small entertainment company to one of Peijing’s top three enterprises had always been because of Yunhai Entertainment.

Everyone thought that Yunhai Entertainment was Juxing Entertainment’s backer, and now, the backer was gone.

Xu Xinrou wanted to use other scandals to cover up Chu Yuhe’s scandal, but before she could implement her plan, she was in a deep mess, too.

And now, the situation had gotten worse.

The first people that got affected by the news were those in the internal departments of Yunhai Entertainment. There was a sudden command from the CEO to withdraw their shares from Juxing Entertainment.

Huo Sanyan immediately rushed to the CEO’s office, and asked with a glare, “Yunshen! What happened? Did you take the wrong medication? Or is this some kind of premature menopause? Why did you suddenly decide to withdraw our shares?”

If it wasn’t for the reporters that surrounded Yunhai Entertainment and surrounded her when she came to office in the morning, she would still be oblivious to what had happened.

“I just felt like doing so.”

Huo Yunshen replied without looking up from the document he was reading.

“Oh my gosh! Yunshen! You can’t be so willful! Have you discussed it with Jingtang? It’s such an important decision?”

Huo Sanyan was really anxious.

“I’m the CEO, I call the shots.”

Huo Yunshen finally looked up, in his eyes was a look of autocratic ruthlessness.

He had always been decisive at work, contrary to the coldness and laziness he sometimes showed in private.

Huo Sanyan: “…”

I’m seriously wondering if Huo Yunshen is heavily lacking in care and concern, which led to his domineering temper.

Huo Sanyan thought about it and remembered the good news that she had for him, “Yunshen! I remembered something important to tell you!”


Huo Sanyan took out a post-it note and wrote a time and venue on it. “Tonight, 7 PM at Memory Western Diner, Grandpa arranged for you to meet Miss Xue. Remember to be there on time!”

Grandpa arranged for me to go on a blind date with Xue Yating?

No, I do not need a blind date. He rejected directly, “You guys know that I’m not capable in that way, why do you still force me to go on a blind date?”

Huo Sanyan knew that he would reject it, but she tried to persuade and said, “Yunshen, don’t give up on yourself. We are all aware of your physical condition, but as the legitimate son of the Huo family and the leader of Yunhai Entertainment, you need to have a wife that is compatible with you in terms of status and background. Grandpa said, you have to marry a wife even if it’s just for show. This isn’t a trivial matter, it concerns the reputation and honour of the Huo family. You have to think of the big picture!”

“Alright, just leave!”

Huo Yunshen had enoug

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