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Xu Xiyan looked at the music score and gently hummed the tune in her heart.

Wow! Huo Yunshen is really a music genius, the melody he made for the ancient Chinese song is so beautiful.

“The song sounds beautiful! I’m sure it will be a hit once it’s released!” Xu Xiyan complimented wholeheartedly.


Huo Yunshen was delighted, she understood and admired his songs. He felt like he’d found his soulmate.

“You can’t think of suitable ancient Chinese lyrics for it, right? How about the two of us put our heads together?”

After all, Xu Xiyan acted in “The Red Sleeved Beauty” and had a better understanding of the characters and plot. Plus, she used to major in Chinese literature at Peijing University. A few ancient Chinese lyrics should not be difficult for her.

Huo Yunshen was surprised that she would take the initiative to help him think of lyrics. He immediately agreed. “Sure! Let’s give it a try!”

The two of them talked about music all the way till they returned to Shengshi Yujing.

It was a little late and Huo Yunshen did not want to delay her rest. He said “Why don’t we skip the massage and acupuncture today? You should rest early! You still have to go to the company tomorrow.”

“No way! We have to follow through with the treatment and can’t be sloppy even for a day.”

Xu Xiyan insisted on completing the massage and acupuncture for Huo Yunshen before she left. Huo Yunshen couldn’t help but listen to her.

After they were done with the acupuncture and massage, they said goodnight and returned to their rooms to rest.

A new day. Since the establishment of Jingyue Entertainment, this was the first time they were to hold an elaborate public press conference.

After Xiao Yuqian took over Jingyue Entertainment, she quickly set up a public relations team and the team made proper arrangements and setup for the press conference.

They announced the time and venue on Jingyue Entertainment’s official Weibo, and the press conference was set to start at 9 AM.

As the time approached, the venue was already packed. All of the most well-known reporters from Peijing were there.

Many reporters were growing impatient, and as soon as the clock struck 9, they began to ask when the head of Jingyue Entertainment would arrive.

Just as the reporters were bustling about, the side door to the venue opened. The public relations team, led by Xiao Yuqian, stepped out, followed by Xu Xiyan.

Xu Xiyan would be the main lead today, and she wore a black suit-style dress, with her hair tied up and some light makeup on. She looked genuine and carefree.

From the moment she appeared, the reporters started flashing their cameras at her non-stop. Xu Xiyan smilingly sat down in an empty seat right next to Xiao Yuqian.

Xiao Yuqian exchanged glances with her, picked up the microphone and said, “A warm welcome to all friends from the press. I’m Xiao Yuqian, the head of Jingyue Entertainment. The live pres

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