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“Maybe!” Xu Xiyan had made an excuse to go to the bathroom, only to give Xiao Yuqian and Ma Haodong the opportunity to speak to each other alone.

After Xu Xiyan and Wan Dou had left, Ma Haodong and Xiao Yuqian were the only people in the room.

On one side, Ma Haodong was emitting a warm aura. On the other side, the air was cold around Xiao Yuqian. The two airflows clashed with each other and were deadlocked.

Ma Haodong couldn’t help but break the ice first. “I know that you hate me because of what happened in the past. It has always been on my mind, but it has already been six years. Can you please let go of your resentment towards me?”

“Hmph,” Xiao Yuqian snorted, giving him a tacit response.

She didn’t look at him. Her eyes were staring coldly at the bright goblet on the table, bitterness creeping into her heart.

If only she hadn’t met Ma Haodong six years ago, her life would not have been turned upside down.

And she wouldn’t have been wandering aimlessly for the past six years.

Now, since she had returned to Zstan, she only wanted to make a clean break from him. It was best not to have anything to do with him in this life.

“I know I was wrong and I’ve apologized. What can I do to make you forgive me? Please tell me, I would do anything you say.”

What’s the point of apologizing?

Can a lost life be recovered?

Can I get my happiness back?


Xiao Yuqian forced herself to act on her hatred. She narrowed her eyes at him and said, word by word, “I, want, you, to, die!”

I want you to die. These five words contained all of her hatred for him.

Xiao Yuqian seemed to have exhausted her life’s strength after saying those five words. Her hands couldn’t stop shaking under the table.

Her heart was trembling too. She was suffocating from the pain.

The man she hated most was like a tumor, rooted in every part of her body. To completely remove him from her memory was like cutting her own flesh.

Ma Haodong’s eyes were wet with tears and his heart felt terribly tight. He choked, “Do you really want me to die?”

Xiao Yuqian forced herself to hold back her own tears. She lifted her chin and looked at him coldly, forcing a word out of her clenched teeth, “Yes!”

“Very well.”

Ma Haodong’s tall figure seemed to wilt as he nodded weakly. There was only a look of calmness on his face as he grabbed a knife from the table and pointed it to his heart.

“Would you be happy if I stabbed myself here?”

Tears sparkled and swirled in Xiao Yuqian’s eyes as she glared at him. She had been stubbornly restraining them from falling from her eyes.

She watched Ma Haodong lift the knife and drive it towards his heart with all his strength.

In a split second, Xiao Yuqian’s body shook violently and tears rolled down from her eyes in large beads.


There was a powerful voice inside her, urging her to stop him.

Ma Haodong had gathered a lot of strength, but when the tip of

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