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“I’m honored to be praised by you,” Xu Xiyan smirked. “What a surprise.”

“Because of you, Yuhe is now plagued by scandal,” Xu Xinrou glared. “Are you the one who hurt his butt?”

Xu Xinrou still believed that Chu Yuhe had not betrayed her, and thought that it was Xu Xiyan who seduced him.

“You’re right, that was me!” Xu Xiyan couldn’t help but laugh at her. “Who told him to try and make a move on me? I should’ve just kicked him in the groin!”

“You…!” Xu Xinrou raised her hand and slapped Xu Xiyan, but Xu Xiyan stopped her before she could even land the slap.

“What? Trying to slap me? Who do you think you are?” Xu Xiyan mocked as she threw Xu Xinrou’s arm away from her. Xu Xinrou almost fell from the momentum.

“You tried to seduce my Yuhe! Why wouldn’t I hit you?” Xu Xinrou shouted.

“Who told you I seduced him? Did you see it with your own eyes? He was the one who tried to seduce me!” Xu Xiyan bit back.

“Bullshit! Don’t think I don’t know how you wanted to rekindle things with him because you saw that he became rich! He rejected you, and you hurt him!”

“Oh my god!” Xu Xiyan laughed. “Your imagination is really something! You should stop being an actress and become a scriptwriter!”

“Stop with your sarcasm!” Xu Xinrou said, glaring at Xu Xiyan.

“I have proof, do you want to see it?” Xu Xiyan said. It was time for revenge.

Xu Xiyan took out her smartphone and replayed the recording she recorded at the karaoke.

The recording started to play as Xu Xiyan’s and Chu Yuhe’s voices could be heard.

Do you still love me, Yuhe?

Of course, I do! My love has never changed! You have no idea how much I suffer when you’re not around! I miss you every day!

Then why are you with my sister?

She was the one who wouldn’t let me go! That was all just a scandal!

Doesn’t that mean she loves you more? Is she better than me?

No! You’re the best! She’s really an unreasonable person, she always acted all high and mighty, she’s materialistic…how can she compare to you? You’re so much better than she is!

The recording stopped. Even if it has just contained a few sentences, it was enough to show that Chu Yuhe had been trying to court Xu Xiyan.

Xu Xinrou’s face changed as soon as she heard the recording. Her face was darker than the night.

She couldn’t believe that the dog she thought was loyal to her had tried to cheat on her with his ex.

What hurt Xu Xinrou the most was Chu Yuhe’s remarks on her.

Unreasonable… high and mighty… materialistic…

Is this how he views me?

I have been standing by his side for years! Without me, Juxing would never have the success it has today!

And yet, he betrayed me for Xu Xiyan?

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