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The perverted antagonist whispered in the ear of the female protagonist, “Do you know what it feels like to be dismembered?”

“Pervert!” There was no way of escaping as the female protagonist was in his hands. It would be an easy feat if the antagonist wanted to murder and dismember her.

However, after multiple encounters with the female protagonist, the antagonist had some admiration for how resilient she was, and even had some feelings for her subconsciously.

They should have been from two different worlds, but the blurry feelings he had for her caused him to be unable to kill her.

Suddenly, the female protagonist took the chance and retaliated, successfully escaping from his grasp.

The gun was just at her feet, she kicked it up and caught it in her hands. She turned around and aimed at the antagonist. Bang! Bang! Off went the shots.

But she was still too late, the antagonist had escaped again.

This complicated fight scene was cleared in five takes.

When they were off the set, Xu Xiyan and Ma Haodong were covered in sweat. Ma Haodong gave Xu Xiyan a bottle of water and sat on the lounge chair to rest.

Xu Xiyan sat beside him, opened the bottle and drank half of it. She asked, “Hey Haodong! Could you tell me what happened between you and Qianqian?”

Ma Haodong warily glanced at her and mocked, “You’re so gossipy!”

Xu Xiyan chuckled. “Women are all gossipy. Come on! Just tell me! I might be able to help you in some way!”

Ma Haodong thought about it and rejected the idea. “No one can help me with my problem.”

Xu Xiyan pouted her lips and gestured as if she was about to leave. “All right, I shall go ask Qianqian since you won’t tell me.”

Seeing that she was leaving, Ma Haodong quickly stopped her. “Hey! Why are you so impatient?”

Xu Xiyan thought he was going to tell her, so she sat back down in her seat smilingly. “All right, hurry up and say it! I’m listening!”

Ma Haodong looked around. There were people everywhere. It was not a suitable place to say his secret. He whispered in Xu Xiyan’s ear, “This is not the right place. I’ll tell you next time when we’re somewhere quieter.”

Xu Xiyan felt tricked.

Forget it! I’m not going to ask if he’s not willing to say. Maybe I’ll will find out the reason in the future.

Little did Xu Xiyan and Ma Haodong know, the publicity staff of the production team was taking photos of them and releasing them on the official Weibo of “The Root of the Evil.”

It was done at the instruction of the director, Peng Sicheng, to spice up news about Jing Xi and Ma Haodong so as to increase online exposure for “The Root of the Evil.”

Therefore, the news on “Photos of Ma Haodong and Xu Xiyan acting intimately” spread on the internet. Ma Haodong’s fans had already gotten used to it and had accepted Jing Xi.

Someone commented on Ma Haodong’s Weibo, saying that they looked really compatible with one being loyal and one being compassionate.


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