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If he were to die in front of me, would I feel better?

Will everything be forgiven?

I don’t know.

All I know is that if he dies, if Ma Haodong dies, who is there to left for me to hate?

Xu Xiyan went straight into the male bathroom as Wan Dou followed her.

Just as she was about to enter the bathroom, she stopped and turned to face Wan Dou.

“This is the male bathroom, why are you coming with me?” Xu Xiyan asked.

Wan Dou was stunned by both the question and the handsome face.

“Wait, are you really going to the male restroom?” Wan Dou asked.

“Yes,” Xu Xiyan replied with certainty. She was dressed as a man, and if she went into the female toilet, she would be seen as a pervert.

Xu Xiyan went into the male bathroom, leaving Wan Dou alone to head into the female bathroom.

Xu Xiyan took care of her business and was about to leave the stall when a man stood in front of her.

Xu Xiyan didn’t even have the time to raise her head as she was grabbed by the shoulder and pushed back into the stall.

Xu Xiyan had her back to the wall. She tried to struggle, but the man locked her legs with his own, making her unable to move.

What the hell?

Isn’t this position a little, you know, dangerous?

Xu Xiyan could smell alcohol on the man’s breath and thought she’d met a pervert.

“Let me go!” Xu Xiyan shouted.

“Do you know who you are talking to?” the man replied with a deep voice, in a way that sounded like he was threatening her. “You’re in my way!”

Xu Xiyan thought that she’d heard the voice before but couldn’t make out who it belonged to.

“In your way? Aren’t you the one who’s blocking me?” Xu Xiyan scolded.

The man took a step back as he lowered his head and looked at Xu Xiyuan.

Xu Xiyan raised her head as her eyes met with Huo Jingtang’s. His face was cold and unpredictable. She suddenly felt like she was in a fantasy.

“Mr. Huo? It’s you?”

Why is Huo Jingtang here?

And why is he holding me here?

Is he into men?

“Jing Xi, do you know why am I doing this?” Huo Jingtang asked in a cold voice that froze Xu Xiyan’s bone.

He saw through my disguise?

“Of course not! Why are you doing this? I didn’t do anything to you, did I?” Xu Xiyan quickly asked, as she was afraid that Huo Jingtang might do something to her under the influence of alcohol.

“You did,” Huo Jingtang said. “Because of you dressing as a man, you spoiled my date. So, let me ask you, did you do anything wrong?”

Xu Xiyan finally understood why she’d met Xue Yating a moment ago. She’d been here on a date with Huo Jingtang when she noticed Ye Xun, who was Xu Xiyan in disguise, which caused her to leave Huo Jingtang alone.

So, is he trying to get back at me?

The alcohol from Huo Jingtang’s breath made Xu Xiyan feel a little uneasy.

“Mr. Huo, please, can you let go of my shoulder first?” Xu Xiyan said. “I think this must be a mistake.”

Huo Jingtang lowered his head and lo

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