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It was clear that Xiao Yuqian didn’t want Ma Haodong to be there, but Ma Haodong’s skin was as thick as a rhino’s.

“What a wonderful office you have here,” he complimented, circling the office.

When they’d first entered the company, Ma Haodong recommended that Xu Xiyan switch companies as soon as possible. But after seeing Xiao Yuqian, he began to have thoughts on switching his managing company to Jingyue.

Then I can see the girl I adore every day, that’s not so bad, right?

Ma Haodong walked to Xiao Yuqian’s desk and gestured toward it.

“I’ve heard that your company is looking for people,” Ma Haodong smiled. “Why don’t I join your company too? What do you think?”

Xu Xiyan turned and looked at Ma Haodong instantly.

And he was just telling me to switch companies, what’s with the sudden changes after he’s met Qianqian?

Xiao Yuqian raised her head and stared at Ma Haodong with a serious expression. If she could kill people with her stare, Ma Haodong would’ve died half a dozen times.

Xu Xiyan could feel that the atmosphere had changed, as if she was now standing on a battlefield.

“Come on, that’s not something you should joke about,” Xu Xiyan said. “You’re one of the top celebrities in Huayin Entertainment. They would never let you leave.”

“I’m not joking.” Ma Haodong glanced at Xu Xiyan with a firm expression and turned back to Xiao Yuqian. “I’m serious about it.”

His manager, Miss Song, had left abruptly due to some personal reasons, and didn’t even bid farewell as she left.

Ma Haodong was operating without a manager after that. Plus, his contract with Huayin Entertainment was about to come to an end.

Ma Haodong was considering whether he should sign a new contract with Huayin, or if he should change to Yunhai Entertainment, since the manager from the latter had tried to pull him onto their side.

But now, he’d already made his decision to join Jingyue Entertainment. That was where he could see Xiao Yuqian.

Ma Haodong’s wish to join Jingyue was intense, yet it was only one-sided.

No matter how much he wanted it, Xiao Yuqian would never agree to it.

“Impossible,” Xiao Yuqian said without any expression. “Our company is too small for someone as famous as you.”

“It’s not small to me,” Ma Haodong said as he pressed both his palms on the desk, waiting for the answer he wanted.

“But for me, you’re too big,” Xiao Yuqian said as she tried to drive Ma Haodong away.

Xiao Yuqian had blurted this out in the midst of her frustration, yet it made others think of “another” topic.

“…” Too big? Ma Haodong was stunned.

“…” What and what? Xu Xiyan was also stunned.

Am I missing something here?

Xiao Yuqian saw that both people standing in front of her were stunned and realized that she’d said something that she shouldn’t have. She began to blush.

“I meant your fame,” Xiao Yuqian coughed.

Once she’d explained, everything exploded.

“So, that’s why you kept ign

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