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“Come on, brother, you know how I am,” Huo Yunshen said without any expressions.

“It was you who wanted to become Juxing’s shareholder,” Huo Jingtang scolded, banging on the table. “And now you said you want to sell shares? Do you think this is a joke?”

“Of course not, everything I do, I do for Yunhai.”

“Do you think I’m stupid?” Huo Jingtang asked, smiling. “You did this all for Jing Xi, am I right? Chu Yuhe bullied her, that’s why you did all of this!”

“You and Jing Xi aren’t just friends,” Huo Jingtang continued, realizing Huo Yunshen wasn’t going to reply.“Am I right? You like her, don’t you?”

Huo Jingtang had seen Huo Yunshen and Xu Xiyan together a few times and had already noticed how Huo Yunshen looked at her.

Huo Jingtang was curious as to what made his little brother, who had a sexual disorder, fall for her.

“That’s right, I did this all for her,” Huo Yunshen admitted.

The only thing that was worth it to him was Xu Xiyan.

If Huo Yunshen could even throw his life away for her, he would definitely abandon Juxing Entertainment.

Huo Yunshen had no more reason to hide, as Huo Jingtang had already seen them together more than once.

“Aren’t you acting on impulses without any considerations?” Huo Jingtang asked, as he could not bear it any longer. “You throw away a goldmine for a girl. I really don’t get it, what’s so good about her?”

Most of the time these two cousins both held different opinions.

Huo Yunshen stared at Huo Jingtang with eyes filled with knowledge, replying to Huo Jingtang with another question.

“I thought you hated Juxing Entertainment and Chu Yuhe…Why are you helping them now?” he asked.

Huo Jingtang was stunned by the question, worried that Huo Yunshen might’ve suspected something.

It was true that he used to look down on Juxing and Chu Yuhe, but the company’s profits had been growing every year.

Plus, Chu Yuhe has been giving him 5% of the profit as a bribe. There was no way that Huo Jingtang would give up that money.

“I’m thinking of Yunhai Entertainment’s future, that’s all!” Huo Jingtang said, a little embarrassed by the question.

“Well, if you’re thinking about the future, why don’t you go on the date in my place at 7 o’clock tonight?” Huo Yunshen asked, handing Huo Jingtang the invitation.

“What date?” Huo Jingtang asked, stupefied by the sudden change of topic.

“Grandpa set it up, with Xue Yating. This is all that I could do!”

Huo Jingtang had told Huo Yunshen that he adored Xue Yating. Huo Yunshen had now given him a chance, and all that was left was for him to do what he could.

Huo Jingtang was surprised, as he’d tried to ask Xue Yating out on a few occasions but was declined. She said that she had performances to attend to. Huo Yunshen was giving him a chance that he would never get.

With that, Huo Jingtang took his mind off Juxing Entertainment and began to think of ways to impress Xue Yating.

After Xu Xiyan

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