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Xiao Yuqian had informed Xu Xiyan that she could answer any way she wanted as long as she was happy. If anything happened, Xiao Yuqian would take care of it for her.

It showed that Xiao Yuqian had very strong public relations capabilities.

With that, Xu Xiyan could answer with anything she thought of without any worries.

The first response she gave when she heard the question was shocking.

“Really? Why didn’t I know that?” Xu Xiyan asked. “I’d be happy if that was true. I wouldn’t have to keep minor acting roles or worry about scandals anymore.”

The reporters all laughed at her joke.

Even though she did not answer the question directly, it still showed that Xu Xiyan was a woman with a high EQ.

Any person in their right mind would instantly understand what she’d said. If she really did have a millionaire as a boyfriend, there was no way that she would still be playing minor plays and getting caught in scandals.

“Jing Xi,” another reporter stood up and asked. “We’re all curious about your relationship with Ma Haodong. Are you two in a relationship?”

“Thank you for the question,” Xu Xiyan said. “Truth to be told, I worry about this more than any of you do. Ma Haodong saved me that day, and for that I thank him. Technically, I should be doing everything I can to pay him back. But he refused and said that ‘That’s what friends are for.’ And now, I have no way of paying him back, and instead drag him down with me in this scandal. And so, I want to use this opportunity to thank him for saving my life. Thank you. You’re definitely a friend worth having. No matter what happens in the future, when you need my help, just tell me, and I’ll be there.”

After hearing Xu Xiyan’s statement, a few reporters nodded in agreement.

The reporters continued asking a few incisive questions, and Xu Xiyan answered every one of them as the scandal began to clear up.

“Jing Xi, you’ve been answering our questions quite well,” a reporter said. “I want to ask you about ‘Red Sleeved Beauty.’ Is it true that you got a spot through some back door?”

Xu Xiyan’s face became more serious. “I think I should be clearer this time,” Xu Xiyan replied. “I was at the mass audition that day, my audition number was 222, and it was my lucky number. Yet, when everything had ended, my number was not called.And when I asked the staff, they told me that someone had deliberately removed my name from the list. That’s why I ran after the director’s car and asked him for another chance. That’s how I got a spot in the movie. I want to thank Mr. Huang for the opportunity. This is the truth, you can confirm it with the director and the staff.”

The reporters finally understood that there was someone who wanted Xu Xiyan off the movie.

“You said your name was crossed off…had you offended someone?” the reporter asked.

“Maybe,” Xu Xiyan replied honestly.

“All of us have seen the video that was posted online,” the same reporter asked. “You wen

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