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How could he say that in front of Xu Xiyan?

He’s such a disappointment!

It was a huge blow for Xu Xinrou, who had always felt superior.

She even covered her ears and shook her head in agony. “No! Impossible! You must have forged the recording! Yuhe would never betray me! Never!”

Seeing Xu Xinrou’s self-deception and suffering from this huge blow, as though her self-esteem had been trampled, Xu Xiyan had a sense of unspeakable joy.

That night five years ago, where she was made drunk and left in the hotel room…how had she felt when listening to the conversation between Chu Yuhe and Xu Xinrou?

Most likely like how Xu Xinrou was feeling now.

She was going to pay Xu Xinrou back double for the blow and humiliation the horrendous couple had given her five years ago.

Xu Xiyan was not going to let the couple off so easily.

She mocked, “He could betray me five years ago, what’s there that he can’t do now?

Xu Xinrou, how’s the taste of being betrayed?

It’s karma!

It’s just retribution for what you did!

Remembering that she still had to shoot a scene, Xu Xinrou did not continue to be bothered about Xu Xinrou. She walked past her and left.

Just as she was at the washroom door, Xu Xinrou shouted from behind her, “Xu Xiyan! Stop right there!”

Xu Xiyan stopped and asked smilingly, “Yes Miss Xu, what else do you want?”

“I want you to stop pestering Chu Yuhe!” Xu Xinrou ordered.

She and Chu Yuhe were already entangled for better or for worse. Even if she knew now that Chu Yuhe was a jerk, it was a choice that she had made in the past.

Xu Xiyan found it really funny, and remained smiling as she said, “Don’t worry Miss Xu! I have no interest in such a loser! You can keep him for yourself!”


It was like a slap in the face, Xu Xinrou was furious but speechless.

She had to swallow her anger.

She’d thought she had snatched the best man in the world, but who knew that he was just a loser!

On the set of “The Root of Evil,” Xu Xiyan greeted the director and the rest of the team as she arrived, and a makeup artist came up to do her makeup.

After Xu Xiyan was done with makeup and was wearing the fitting uniform, she looked heroic and valiant. She looked much more handsome than the female lead, Huang Yanran.

The initial scenes were interactions with the male lead, and Xu Xiyan earnestly did as the director instructed to shoot every scene properly.

If a scene was not shot well, they would repeat it till it was accepted.

The director, Peng Sicheng, sat behind the equipment and was satisfied with Jing Xi’s stunning performance.

He was rather appreciative of Jing Xi, the newcomer. He had heard from Mr. Xing that Huang Guoqiang was unwilling to loan out the actress initially.

Xu Xiyan was the one who persuaded Huang Guoqiang with the reasoning of “standing in other’s shoes.” It was rare for a young lady to be so magnanimous.

Peng Sicheng quietly asked

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