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The atmosphere was really awkward, Xu Xiyan quickly broke the ice, “Qianqian, isn’t it time to knock it off? Let’s have dinner together with Wan Dou! My treat!”

Xiao Yuqian deliberately avoided looking at Ma Haodong’s eyes, and answered Xu Xiyan. “How could I always let you treat me?”

Xu Xiyan took the chance and said, “Why not you treat me then?”

Xiao Yuqian: “…”

It would have been rude for Xiao Yuqian to reject the offer further, so she smiled and said, “Alright, my treat.”

Just as they were about to leave, Ma Haodong followed. Xiao Yuqian stopped and frowned. “Mr. Ma, I’m treating these two beautiful ladies. It doesn’t seem right for you to tag along.”

Xu Xiyan helped, “Qianqian, since Haodong is already here, let’s just eat together! Think of him as my plus-one, all right?”

Upon hearing that, Ma Haodong immediately held on to Xu Xiyan’s arms and said, “Right! Jing Xi and I are good sisters. No, I mean good brothers.”

It’s hard to find someone as thick skinned as Ma Haodong.

Xiao Yuqian really had nothing more to say about his shamelessness. Xu Xiyan took her silence as consent.

Before they left, Xu Xiyan suggested, “To prevent any scandals, we should disguise ourselves a little.”

“That’s right!” Ma Haodong strongly agreed. He did not want to stir up anymore scandals, nor did he want any fans to intrude on him and Xiao Yuqian having dinner.

Thus, Xu Xiyan arranged an outfit for Ma Haodong, giving him a long wig and working on his face as well.

After Ma Haodong had put some makeup on, changed into a dress and walked out of the dressing room, he was stunning!

And a little too enchanting.

Besides the tall build that differed from an average woman, Ma Haodong did not look like a man. He was just a beautiful lady standing in front of them.

Ma Haodong was satisfied with his look. He spun around in front of Xiao Yuqian and asked, “Qianqian, how do I look?”

Xiao Yuqian replied madly. “Go away!”

Ma Haodong cheekily walked away and returned back, “Qianqian, I walked away. You haven’t told me how I look.”

Xiao Yuqian: “…”

Damn! I can feel my blood boiling!

Oh God! Buddha! Anyone! Just get rid of Ma Haodong!

Xiao Yuqian really did not want to see Ma Haodong’s face anymore.

Does he think that by pestering me shamelessly, I’ll forgive him for what he did in the past?

No way!

After putting on makeup for Ma Haodong, Xu Xiyan worked on herself, too. She put on Ye Xun’s outerwear.

She had silver hair with a black studded jacket, sleek pants and shining diamond ear studs. She looked stunningly cold and attractive.

She stood in front of everyone and Ma Haodong couldn’t help but exclaim, “Wow! Is this still Jing Xi?”

Wan Dou’s eyes were beaming, “Wow! Wow! Wow! Jing Xi! You look as handsome as a man! Oh no, I should call you ‘Mr. Xi’ now.”

Indeed, she was handsome, yet her handsomeness differed from Ma Haodong’s.

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