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She knew Chu Yuhe would have a tough time after she’d just clarified herself through a press conference and diverted the attention and troubles to him. Little did she expect that reality would make things even more difficult for Chu Yuhe,

Haha! That’s retribution for Chu Yuhe!

As for the reason behind Yunhai Entertainment’s decision, that was not what she should’ve been concerned about. She just had to steadily get through her days.

Therefore, Xu Xiyan felt especially joyful and returned to set as usual.

Today’s shoot was mainly centered on the interaction between the male lead, Lin Huaijin, and the female lead, Qi Liya. Xu Xiyan only had a few scenes and was done fairly quickly.

She was about to proceed to the set for the “Root of Evil” after she was done in the washroom.

When she came out of the washroom, Wen Li stood in her way. Xu Xiyan raised her eyebrows and said, “Wen Li, what do you want?”

Wen Li crossed her arms, raised her chin, looked at her with a side glance and did not answer. She just retreated to the washroom door and stood there, and Xu Xinrou walked in next.

Xu Xinrou had her makeup on, and was wearing a palace gown embroidered with a golden peony. She had a gorgeous gold flower ornament, with two golden hair pins decorated with tassels placed on either side, which swayed charmingly as she walked.

Xu Xiyan had to admit, the Meng Zhaoyi played by Xu Xinrou had her own special disposition. This was the reason why the audience was captivated by her.

In the show, she was the vicious and beautiful Meng Jinxin. In reality, she was on par with her character.

“Oh my, if it isn’t Miss Poop… oops! I meant Miss Xu!”

Xu Xiyan greeted Xu Xinrou smilingly and complimented her after taking a few looks at her.

“I have to salute you, Miss Xu. This golden and shining palace gown looks really suitable on you! Golden yellow, with an unusual smell.”

How dare she call me Miss Poop!

Golden yellow with an unusual smell?

She must be mocking me about the day I dropped into the manure pit.

Xu Xinrou’s face sulked, and her stunning makeup seemed to darken as well.

It was the inerasable nightmare of her nightmare, and every mention of it just made her feel like vomiting.

She pretended not to hear the remark and swallowed her anger as she did not want to talk about the incident again.

She stared at Xu Xiyan viciously and asked, “Was it you? Was it you who sweettalked Huo Yunshen into withdrawing his shares from Juxing?”

Even though Chu Yuhe believed that Huo Yunshen and Xu Xiyan had no relations, Xu Xinrou felt that there was more than met the eye.

In order to exact revenge on her and Chu Yuhe, the sly Xu Xiyan would be willing to do anything unscrupulously.

Xu Xiyan found it funny. Why do they always suspect me first no matter what happens? How would I not know if I had the ability to decide the matters of Yunhai Entertainment’s management?

She was really innoc

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